Is anybody else ready for fall? The cozy weather, the crunch of fallen leaves, the denim jackets, all of the plaid shirts we can’t wait to wear and of course — let’s not forget the rise of the pumpkin spice movement.

Pumpkin spice is without a doubt a quintessential flavor for fall. Starting now, you’ll see pumpkin spice flavored beverages, cookies and creamers in practically every store you go into.  

But, maybe not everyone is a fan of the signature pumpkin spice latte. Or, perhaps you’re a fan but you need a break and want to try something different.

So what is a lover of pumpkin-spiced flavored drinks to do? Find other options, of course! Below is a list of some delicious and fall inspired beverages that are certified, 100 percent pumpkin-spice free.

1. Dunkin' Donuts: Maple Pecan Coffee 

Photo: DunkinDonuts

Dunkin’ Donuts released this new coffee flavor as a fresh alternative to pumpkin spice, and it honestly looks like the perfect pick-me-up for fall.

2. Starbucks: Salted Caramel Mocha 

Photo: Starbucks

Usually released on the same day as its counterpart, this Starbucks signature is another fall favorite. The salt does something enchanting to the caramel in this rich and flavorful seasonal drink. You can get it iced, hot or even in Frappuccino form. Anyway you have it, it's delicious.

3. Peet's Coffee:  Mocha  Javiva 

Photo: Peet's Coffee

One of the company’s newest flavors, this bold and flavorful drink is packed with double-strength Cold Brew coffee, Peet’s homemade chocolate sauce, and is whipped up with milk and ice, according to the official site. This sweet drink is sure to get you in the mood for autumn weather.

4. DavidsTea: Smores Chai

Photo: DavidsTea

If you are more of a tea lover, then this is the drink for you. Typically, s’mores are considered a summer staple, but who wouldn’t want to have this savory drink all year round? Blended with its own set of special spices, Pu’erh tea and cinnamon, this drink can be brewed as a frothy latte for the ultimate cold-weather beverage. Once you cozy up with a hot cup of this, you won’t be thinking it’s summer anymore.

5. Cinnamon Roll Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Photo: Cinnabon

This new drink from Cinnabon is described as a cinnamon bun in a cup. What more could you really ask for in a drink?

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