During late October, there’s no shortage of goons, goblins, wizards and warlocks. Halloween takes over the aisleways at grocery stores and at the mall. Your favorite streaming services generate suggested movie queues of thrillers and horror films, but when most people think about the magic of the season, they don’t think of fine dining. There are a number of Halloween-themed restaurants that offer tasty bites, fun decor and great entertainment.

For all of the Halloween lovers, here’s a look at a few fun and quirky Halloween-themed restaurants to check out across the country. 

Jekyll & Hyde Club Restaurant and Bar – NYC, NY

Based in NYC, Jekyll & Hyde Club Restaurant and Bar is a world-renowned restaurant known for its over-the-top Halloween dining experience. Their monstrous menu includes more than 60 menu items including a Create-Your-Own Monster Burger, Frankenstein’s Favorite (a burger topped with cheese, mushrooms, onions and bacon) and The Mummy (sirloin bandaged in your choice of cheese). Guests will be greeted with eery, live entertainment and spooky, special effects. You must have a reservation in order to grab a table!

The Haunted House Restaurant – Cleveland Heights, OH

The Haunted House Restaurant’s mantra is “The only thing scary……is how good our food is.” With a motto like that, you know that this Midwest restaurant is sure to pack a punch of Halloween thrills. The haunted house-themed restaurant is exactly what it sounds like – costumed staff, themed food and spooky decor. Guests are encouraged to get in the spirit and dress up too!

Spookeasy Cocktail Bar – Atlanta, GA

For a Halloween version of your favorite speakeasy, check out the Spookeasy Cocktail Bar in the Underwood Hills area. Located on the patio at Chattahoochee Food Works, this bar will be serving up signature bespoke cocktails for the month of October. It is open every Thursday through Sunday starting at 5pm. General admission is free. If you want to visit the weekend before Halloween, it’s best to grab a ticket ahead of time as high attendance is expected.

BeetleHouse LA – Los Angeles, CA

It’s Halloween every day over at the BeetleHouse LA! This west coast Halloween-themed restaurant is a year-round celebration of Halloween. It actually got its start as a pop-up restaurant in NYC in 2016. It now has permanent locations in both NYC and LA with unique experiences that celebrate horror culture and the  literary and cinematic works of Tim Burton, Alfred Hitchcock, Bram Stoker, Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, and many more. Reservations are required for dinner service only, and the tasty menu includes such spooky items as Frakenfries, The Edward Burger Hands, and the Witch’n Hen.

Día de los Muertos Celebration at dLeña – Washington D.C.

Celebrate Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, with dLeña in Washington D.C. from October 3 through November 5. The menu offers festive dishes and drinks that are themed around the Día de los Muertos celebration. Get ready to savor unique gastronomic delights as the restaurants’ culinary experts and mixologists have created a uniquely fused menu!