In the early days of dating in your relationship, it was all about the chase. The sparks kept you excited and on the edge of your seat. Dating your spouse was a whirlwind of emotions and fun. But it can be easy to slip into everyday routines and lose that fire. Even after you get married, continue dating each other. Ensure to pursue each other, be intentional, and put each other first. Here’s five ways to continue dating after you’re married. 

Prioritize Quality Time Together

Just as you are constantly changing and growing, so is your significant other. One idea to continue dating after marriage is to prioritize quality time together. You can set weekly date nights to talk about things other than work and the kids. Update each other on your evolving friendships, dreams, and life in general. Don’t feel pressure to make it an expensive outing. Date nights can be as simple as movie night and take out.

Take an Interest In Each Other’s Interests

Again, remember that your spouse is changing and evolving. Take time to study them the same way you’d study for an exam. Learn your partner’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests. Take a genuine interest in them. If your spouse loves traveling, book a trip to their dream destination. If they love football, buy them tickets to a game or plan a watch party with friends. Lean into the things that bring your partner joy and delight. 

Safeguard Intimacy

Life gets busy, and ntimacy can fall to the wayside during hectic times in a marriage. So, do your best to protect the intimacy between you and your spouse. Perhaps, if you have little ones, this means not letting the kiddos sleep in bed with you. Maybe it looks like scheduling sexy time. While it might seem silly, prioritizing, protecting, and planning times for intimacy will help keep the spark alive.

Laugh Together

There’s nothing better than letting your hair down with the one you love and simply laughing. Whether it’s at a funny movie, the latest TikTok dance, or a standup comedian, plan times of silliness and laughter. Being childlike and having fun is a part of dating, and it should also be a part of marriage.

Be Intentional

In order to continue dating, even after marriage, you’ll need to be intentional. Intentionality goes back to knowing and paying attention to your spouse’s needs. For example, if your significant other’s love language is gifts, bringing home small gifts and tokens of appreciation will go a long way. If your significant other requires words of affirmation to feel seen and loved, shower them with compliments. Being intentional is key to keeping that spark alive and continuing to pursue your significant other.