For some of us out there, having long luscious hair might be the ultimate #hairgoals. Though sometimes, we might not know the right way to go about achieving it. Follow these fast-acting hair growth tips to get your locks to an enviable length.

Here are 5 ways to grow your hair:

Get scalp massages

I mean honestly, who doesn’t love a good head rub? No one? I thought so. Scalp treatments are known to spark hair growth due to invigorating the hair follicles. Scalp treatments for at least five minutes a day can increase hair thickness, so try to massage your scalp daily.

Change your diet 

A healthy diet and certain vitamins are vital to growing stronger, longer hair. Omega-3 rich foods such as salmon are perfect for hair growth, as well as antioxidants which can significantly reduce hair loss and increase hair density. Another plant-based protein option is beans (like black beans) which provide other hair-healthy nutrients like iron, biotin and folate. I personally like to use Marine Collagen peptides, which instantly boost my hair, skin, and nails.

Give that hair a break with protective styles 

Enhance your natural hair sis, and let it grow! Protective styles like braids, wigs, and twists will help your hair flourish while also keeping you cute. #GloUp

Use silk pillowcases 

Ditch that cotton pillowcase and switch to a silk or satin fabric. Due to its softer surface, the fabric interacting with your hair won't cause friction. That way, you'll wake up looking fabulous and possibly fewer tangles. Also, allow your hair a rest when it comes to hot tools — chemical relaxers or any other damaging tools cause some serious breakage to your already beautiful hair. The healthier your hair is, the longer it will grow.

Make an avocado oil or hair mask treatment

Certain hair types need more TLC than just some regular conditioner. I suggest using moisture-based masks and oils weekly. Hit up Pinterest and find yourself an avocado hair mask recipe. Avocados are perfect for dry hair, due to its high-fat content. When applied directly to the scalp, it can help to moisturize, nourish and strengthen dry hair strands.

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