‘Tis the season for cracked lips, dry skin and — you guessed it — brittle, and fragile nailbeds.

But you don’t have to resort to wearing those fuzzy mittens indoors just yet, sis. Incorporate these quick steps into your daily routine to keep your nails strong and healthy until warmer weather arrives.

If you need to make some easy tweaks to your winter nail care routine, you can easily do all of this at home. Read on to learn more.

Always have a coat of armor.

Naked nails are never a good idea, sis. If you want to survive the winter make sure your nails have some protective armor on them. When your nails have a coat of protection, whether it be in the form of a base coat, polish or top coat, they're guarded against another common enemy: water. They're also less likely to break and peel because they're protected. Just remember, a bare nail is a sad nail.

Never leave without lotion.

Just like the cold, dry air is pretty much the worst for our skin and scalp; it also is the worst for our nails. Always apply hand lotion a couple of times a day,  especially after you wash them and use thick hand cream at night.

File them down

Its essential nails are free of ridges and cracks so that you don't crack, rip, snag or tear your nails putting on that scarf or sweater in your closet. Filing them down gently two to three times per week will make sure those edges stay smooth.

Take care of Cuticles

Ragged, rough cuticles not only look unattractive, but they can also actually hurt. Trust me, sis. It is known that nail health depends on cuticle health because these thin layers of skin work to shield nails as they grow, preventing bacteria and other bad things from invading the nail bed. Give them a little TLC with a nightly rubdown using your favorite cuticle oil to prevent splitting, peeling and breaking nails.

Avoid Unnecessary Irritants

What’s out to get your nails? I'll tell you what.  That dirty sponge in the dish drain to those available, acetone-laced nail polish remover pads, which can be deadly. All are a severe faux pas for winter nail care sis. So what can you do to protect those gorgeously polished hands? Tr to wear gloves to keep your nails safe from harsh irritants, like dish detergent and cleaning supplies. Stick with acetone-free polish removers and try your best to stay away from hot water in winter unless necessary.

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