We’re already ten months into 2018, and it can be easy to get side-tracked from our primary goals during the cooler months (what with staying cozy, festive holidays and of course, our jobs). However, I think it’s essential to regularly check-in with ourselves in regards to the goals we set for ourselves earlier in the year.

Here are the five ways I like to make sure I achieve my goals:

1. Set small, attainable milestones

Some goals we set for ourselves can seem incredibly daunting, especially if they require a considerable life change or remodeling. My plan for staying on track is to break up big ambitions into smaller milestones to achieve. If you do it this way, you’re less likely to feel overwhelmed, and you’ll be able to cut yourself some slack. It’s good to feel motivated while crossing off little goals instead of having to reach one big goal at a time.

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2. Set the intention behind your actions

Becoming intentional in my actions is something that has recently changed my life. I used to be the type of woman who just kind of “went with the flow” and waited for things to happen to me. However, I started becoming intentional with everything I did in life, and I’ve noticed a vast change.

You genuinely have to speak (or write) what you want into existence. Do this every single day until you can figure out how you can achieve it. We should never sit back and wait for things to happen – we need to change our actions and behaviors so that we can see results, and live the kind of life we have always wanted.

3. Embrace Organization

Everything in life is not perfectly neat and tidy. That's why you need to work at keeping things organized in your work, family and social life. Find a setup that works for you and then make sure you stick to it.

4. Never Stop Grinding

Achieving your goals takes a lot of grit and hard work. There's no magic pill you can take that will transform your life for you. No overnight trick will help you drop 20 pounds or make enough money to retire early and move to Tahiti. Once you’ve broken your goals into small ones, get to hustling! You may have some long hard days and late nights ahead of you, but won't it all be worth it in the end, sis?

5. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small

It’s essential, with all of this hard work and focus, to celebrate when you reach victories, even the smallest ones. Not only is this good for your self-confidence, but it will keep you determined to keep pushing forward.

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Also if it’s just because you got a salad for lunch instead of that cake in the breakroom, make sure you celebrate because that’s a big deal. Also if it's getting recognition for a job well done on a project or initiative at work and not a promotion (just yet) make sure you’re regularly expressing gratitude to yourself and your actions.

How is your goal setting going so far as we near the end of this year? How will you set out to achieve them?

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