I like to write a lot about makeup, skincare and all the new products on the shelf. But there's another aspect of beauty that comes from within, and I feel it's a topic that doesn't get discussed enough. You can wear the most expensive makeup and top brand designer clothes, but all that is superficial enhancers. True beauty is measured by the goodness of your personality. Working on your inner beauty is essential, and it’s actually quite easy to incorporate into your everyday life.

Here are 6 way to strengthen your inner beauty: 

Smile more

Don’t worry, be happy. Did you know that stress literally attacks the immune system? Did you also know that smiling burns calories? Smiling at the world can help to change your outlook on life. By smiling at yourself and others, you will glean the good out of every moment and become more positive in your everyday life.

Get to bed

Adequate sleep helps us to function at our best. If you aren't already, train yourself to get at least 8+ hours of sleep. Remember, it's when we're in sleep mode when our body goes into total repair mode.

Give at least one compliment to a stranger every day

If you could change someone’s whole mood around with just one praise, why wouldn’t you? A day when you can break the habit of thinking only about yourself is a good day. Try making someone’s day a little bit brighter whenever you can, it’ll make you feel good inside too.

Be kind to yourself

You can’t fill someone else’s cup if yours isn’t full yet, right? You can’t give what you don’t have. Goodness must start with being kind to yourself. Go ahead and do the things you love and make no apologies. Just make sure you pay it forward and spread some of that happiness around.  

Dedicate time to helping others

Learn a skill. And pass it on to a fellow friend or family member. It could be anything from languages to dancing or cooking classes. Sharing the love and passion you have for something to someone else can only make you a better person.

Really listen and pay attention to others

This sounds like such an easy concept, but only a few genuinely master the art of active listening. Always try to give the person you are talking to your full attention. It can actually change your whole view of the person.

Look for the positive in every situation

Actively make an effort to have good thoughts whenever you can. The thing is, our thoughts become our words and our words become our actions. Our thoughts are a lot like flowers if you think about it. They either spread kindness or hate. It’s up to you how you water your own garden. 

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