When it comes to buying healthy food, I find that people, including myself, sometimes do not know which way to go.

But, as I have gotten older and start taking better care of myself, I’ve realized that our bodies were made to consume the very things that come from the earth, among them are superfoods. 

Superfoods can be described as a nutrient-rich food that promotes overall health and well-being.

Everyone wants to live longer, healthier lives, and yet still eats loads of fast food. What we need to do is incorporate more healthy superfoods into our everyday routine.

We need to pick the right things to fuel our body and making this small switch has really made all the difference in my everyday life.

Here are seven superfoods that are essential in helping all of us live longer, healthier lives! 

Try them out now.

Acai berry

Photo: Health Jade

Acai berries are described as the ultimate superfood with anti-aging and weight loss properties. The acai berry is an inch-long, reddish-purple fruit that helps prevent aging and disease.  This fruit can come in many "forms" including powders, pills; even frozen options are available. Sprinkle them into juices, smoothies, or add them to your favorite yogurt and enjoy that boost of good and natural energy into your day.


Photo: Primaoliva

When it comes to fresh fruit, blueberries should be our first choice for having the highest antioxidant content of them all sis.  Eating a few a day with not only boost your immune system but can also prevent illness and strengthen our brains and vision.

Coconut Oil

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You may have already noticed the popular trend of coconut oil and what it can do for your skin and body. Firstly, it is a natural moisturizer. But did you also know you can use it in your everyday cooking as a healthy fat? Coconut oils contain natural saturated fats and promote good heart health. So the next time you are cooking with olive or canola oil, why not swap it out for coconut oil so you can reap some health benefits sis.


Photo: Clean and Delicious

Kale is described as another one of those all-powerful superfoods. It is a green, leafy vegetable that has several varieties, but is best consumed fresh. Make sure to tear your kale leaves right off the stem and then feel free to add them into a smoothie or salad.

Chock-full of vitamins including Vitamin K and a specific type of Vitamin E,  eating a cup or two of kale a day can help you receive all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits your body needs to function properly. 

Wild Salmon

Photo: Shuttershock

This is another critical superfood to build into your healthy eating routine.  Salmon contains plenty of Omega 3 fatty acids which promotes healthy joints and skin and reduces the risk of heart disease, according to experts.


Photo: Addictive Wellness

Always remember, people who eat chocolate are genuinely just happier.

Raw cacao is beneficial to our bodies because it has neuromodulator phenylethylamine (PEA), which helps the body create feelings of excitement and euphoria while also assisting with concentration and alertness, according to Livestrong. With healthy amounts of PEA, we stay focused and alert and that's always a good thing sis. 


Photo: Food Network

Seaweed is an awesome superfood high in minerals, iron, vitamins, and antioxidants. So, the next time you are at your favorite sushi joint, get a roll made with seaweed or grab a pack of all-natural sushi chips at the supermarket. You can also get this in powdered form if that is your thing.

It might seem hard, but try not to get overwhelmed with “superfoods” and to ease into it gently. Maybe try to incorporate one type of superfood a day into your meals and notice how your body and mind feels after. Most people experience an increase in natural energy, clearer skin, and weight loss.  Why not jump on board? What do you have to lose?

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