If you are someone finally ready to propose to your special someone then, my friend you need to plan the perfect proposal to hear a yes in return.

Popping the big question can be terrifying yet exciting and also takes proper planning. When you are finally ready to take that one last step in a relationship you want to make sure that everything seems magical and perfect.

We decided to share eight romantic ways in which people have proposed to their significant other. So, grab a pen and take notes for the moment you decide to get on one make sure to practice the lines with one of your favorite ways to propose from our list below.


In The Air

If you and your partner are adventurous people then why not pop the question while in the air?! Saying “yes” to spending the rest of your life with someone is a big and daring step so it’s right on theme with going sky diving. Take a leap of faith physically and verbally!


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Amongst Family & Friends

Asking your significant other to spend the rest of their life with you is indeed a celebration! If you know family and friends are a big part of you and your significant other’s lives then why not pop the question with everyone involved? Once they say “yes” turn the proposal into a party and have a good time!


On The Airport Runway

Popping the question on an airport runway is unique for sure! It will definitely catch your si


On A Rooftop

Rooftops alone are a romantic vibe so why not propose there?! if you time it just right you can have the sunset in the background while getting on one knee and asking one of the biggest questions of your life. Add some instrumental vibes and candles to the scene and it’ll be a moment they’ll never forget.


In The Jungle

Being in love is a wild thing but totally worth it! How romantic would it be to take your babe on a horse ride through the exotic jungle of Mexico that leads to a romantic panic set up privately for you two?! Sign us up please!


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At A Photoshoot

Pictures last a lifetime and what better way than to plan a photoshoot capturing yourself popping the question?! Your significant other will also appreciate getting glammed up for the photoshoot and cherishing these photos forever.


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At Dinner

A romantic dinner and a proposal? Yes please! Details are everything and if you’re big on planning then an extravagant dinner with lots of roses, candles, decorations and more sounds like your vibe!


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On The Beach

Being on the beach alone is romantic but add a proposal and it’s the icing on the cake. Find a cozy, private spot on your favorite beach, set it up nicely and pop the question!


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