Have you ever had one of those nights where you don't want to remove your makeup? Me too, sis — me too. This may seem like a good idea at the time, but not removing our makeup at night can lead to clogged pores, breakouts, not to mention a dull, dry complexion.  

But, we shouldn't use just anything. A harsh makeup remover can dehydrate our skin and damage our moisture barrier. So finding a natural alternative might be an excellent move.

When the night is over, don’t forget to take off all the extra contour and eyeliner with one of these all natural makeup removers.

1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil should always be a part of our beauty routine. The natural oil works as a moisturizer, hair treatment, cooking staple and it is even an effective makeup remover. 

Check out here how to make your own DIY Coconut Oil Makeup Remover Pads, courtesy of Nutiva

Organic Liquid Coconut Oil – $13.99

Photo: Nutiva

2. Olive oil

Isn’t it super convenient that you already have makeup remover in your pantry? Use your favorite brand of hydrating olive oil to remove impurities. This is good for those that have dry or sensitive skin. Check out here how to make your own DIY Olive Oil Makeup Remover, courtesy of beauty blogger, Laurina Machite

California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $12.95

Photo: California Olive Ranch

3. Aloe vera

Aloe has been known to help treat burns, acne and dry skin, so include it in your evening routine. Check out here how to make your own DIY Aloe Vera Makeup Remover, courtesy of mindbodygreen.  

Aloe Vera Gel From Organic, Cold Pressed Aloe – $17.95

Photo: Amara Beauty

4. Witch hazel

Not just a makeup remover, improves your skin by clearing acne and locking in moisture, which is always a good thing. Check out here how to make your own DIY Witch Hazel Makeup Remover, courtesy of Leaf.  

Rose Petal Facial Toner – $10.95

Photo: Thayers Natural Remedies

5. Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil can be a beneficial skin care product to add to your everyday beauty routine. It is moisturizing, antibacterial,  helps with oil control, and can remove impurities and makeup. Not to mention it smells fantastic. Check out here how to make your own DIY Jojoba Oil Makeup Remover, courtesy of The Jojoba Company

Organic HobaCare Jojoba – $11.99

Photo: The Jojoba Company

6. Cucumber

Refreshing and cooling, cucumber juice is a crowd favorite for oily skin and can help remove makeup and brighten dull skin. Check out here how to make your own DIY Cucumber Makeup Remover, courtesy of Apsara

Cucumber Cleansing Lotion – $15

Photo: Mario Badescu Skin Care

7. Almond Oil

Have you got super-sensitive skin? Almond oil is good for sensitive skin because It's rich in vitamins A and E. Check out here how to make your own DIY Almond Oil Makeup Remover, courtesy of Stylecraze


Photo: Biotique

8. Honey

Mixed with baking soda and it becomes an effective, yet gentle on the skin makeup remover. Check out here how to make your own DIY Honey Makeup Remover, courtesy of The Indian Spot

Chamomile Honey Makeup Remover – $19

Photo: Wildcraft

9. Milk

Swap the store bought face milk for the real thing to help remove makeup naturally! Raw milk on a cotton pad and you’re done! It's that easy. Check out here how to make your own DIY Coconut Milk Makeup Remover, courtesy of This Is Coco.

Soy Face Cleansing Milk – $38

Photo: Fresh

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