A year ago, I decided to reinvent myself and reset my life by moving away from my hometown and starting fresh. I relocated twenty miles away, embarked on an unexpected career path in real estate and then received the opportunity to pivot to the career of my dreams in journalism. In that year, I took the time to sit with myself and explore the ways in which I wanted to improve my character and unravel the things that I needed to release.

After a year of undeniable progress, I thought my journey was complete but in actuality – it’s just getting started. I’m in – what my cousin would call the 2.0 stage of reinvention – and excited to see what this new stage will bring.

So as a certified “re-inventionist,” here’s my tips to resetting your life and doing it right.

Decide What You Want To Improve About Yourself And Do It

A Guide To Reinventing Yourself And Resetting Your Life
Photo Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

If you’re even thinking about reinventing yourself and resetting your life, then there must be some things that you feel drastically need to be improved. Start by accessing every area of your life. Are you happy with your physical looks? Are you indulging in healthy habits? Are you doing at least one thing that makes you happy each day? Are you living in an environment that fulfills you? Are you working a job that you enjoy? Are you taking time for yourself? And are the people around you truly good for you?

No area is off limits. And to successfully access these things, you need to be extremely transparent and honest with yourself. Take the time to process each area fully and once you’ve come to a definitive conclusion about what needs to improve in each area, work each day to get closer to your goal. Want to lose weight? Find a gym nearby or a work out buddy. Want to incorporate a fun hobby in your life? Look up things like gardening, yoga, or even reading to get started.

Cut Off Negativity And Toxicity In Any And Every Form

Once we start accessing different areas of our lives, we’re bound to discover that a good amount of our problems and stress are actually caused by the people closest to us. Whether that’s family members, a spouse, children, friends, or a boss at work – the people that we interact with on a daily basis actually play a larger role in our well being than we realize.

What are the people around you like? Are they draining? Are they constantly negative and complaining about life? Do they spew toxic energy? If anyone in particular came to mind when you read those questions, that’s your sign that it may be time to lead them to the exit door of your life. And no, it won’t be an easy thing to do. But it will be worth it. Removing negative and toxic vibes, allows your spirit to vibrate higher and makes space for those with positive energy to be welcomed into your life.

Start Doing The Things That Scare You And Dare To Be Different

A Guide To Reinventing Yourself And Resetting Your Life
Photo Credit: Godisable Jacob on Pexels

Once you’ve gotten rid of the external factors and people that are keeping you stagnant, it’s time to face the fact that you are your own biggest enemy. And chances are, you’ve probably been holding yourself back more than anyone, or anything, else in your life. And now is the time for change. 

What do you envision when you think about your ideal life? Now what is stopping you from getting there? Is it your fear of being different? Is it the fear of leaving close family and friends behind? Is it the fear that you’re not worthy or “good enough” for what you envision? 

Whatever it is, take the time to sit with yourself and come to terms with why you’ve placed these limitations on yourself. Know that in moving to the next level of your life, these limitations (as well as your limited way of thinking) will need to be left in the dust. Remember, you are more than worthy and deserving of everything that you want. And it is no one else’s duty but yours to provide that for yourself.

Change Your Location

Sometimes the biggest catalyst for change is physically removing yourself from all that’s familiar in your life and relocating somewhere where you can start all over again – or at least experience some degree of newness.

Take the chance and reward yourself with this experience. It doesn’t have to be forever, but even a few months in a new setting can totally redefine your outlook on the world and serve you with experiences that will certainly broaden your horizons.

Start Putting Yourself First And Keep Those Around Who Uplift You

A Guide To Reinventing Yourself And Resetting Your Life
Photo Credit: Nappy on Pexels

The key to a truly fulfilled life is putting yourself first at all times. This doesn’t mean that you need to be selfish, it just means that you understand the fact that you cannot “pour from an empty cup.” In order to show up as your best self each and everyday, you need to keep yourself feeling uplifted and surrounded by as much positivity as possible. Putting yourself first and keeping people close who understand this and feel the same about themselves, will only serve as the best choice that you can make. 

So go forth in reinventing yourself and resetting your life – make it all that you’ve dreamed of and more.