In recent years, it has become more common for brides to opt out of the traditional white wedding dress. Many brides are seeking to tie the knot in alternative wedding styles, such as pantsuits and corsets.

While many simply want to switch up the tradition, others desire to avoid the long search and waiting period for their dream wedding dress. The culture is shifting and modern brides are discovering fresh, new alternative wedding style options. In response, the bridal collections are including other clothing options in their catalogue for the special day.

If you need help deciding what to wear at the altar, here are some of the most popular alternative wedding styles spotted on brides.

Bridal Pantsuits

Bridal pantsuits are replacing the traditional white gown. This knock to tradition is gradually becoming a staple for brides who want to explore other alternative wedding styles. Different designs have featured embroideries, drapes, slits and other statement-making designs.

A Cropped Blazer

A blazer’s structure creates a type of dimension that cannot be duplicated the same way with another piece of clothing. The edginess transforms and elevates any look, making it adaptable to any occasion. To avoid the floor-length traditional style, pairing a blazer with a mini skirt and veil ties the overall look together.

A Two Piece Set

This alternative wedding style has become a favorite among brides who won’t settle for one clothing item. Separate pieces make space for more creativity and more options for what to wear on your wedding day. Matching an elegant top with a form-fitting skirt is a popular way brides have adopted this style. 

A Bridal Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits will remain viable for any occasion, especially for a bride and her wedding. The one-piece ensemble offers comfortability while walking down the aisle and standing at the altar. This alternative wedding style’s versatility makes it a standout piece. Guest have seen brides wearing designs that are off-the-shoulder or strapless. Brides have elevated their ceremony look by incorporating a deep neckline and lace.

A Corset and Slacks 

The resurgence of corsets has made this a popular outfit accessory. Wearing a corset falls under the bridal rockstar category, making it a fashion statement guaranteed to turn heads. Adding fabrics like satin or small silver spike accessories makes this alternative wedding style pop out more.