With every generation, there are stories that are passed down that keep our traditions alive. Amira Rasool created a cultural space which aims to tell stories from the African diaspora through the lens of artists, creatives and contemporary brand designers, called The Folklore.

The motivation behind creating The Folklore began when Rasool was working as a fashion coordinator at V Magazine. She wasn’t a fan of working for others and found a desire to combine her love for fashion and storytelling, which led her to apply to an African Studies Master’s program at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. 

Photo: The Folklore

“I discovered all of these cool designers and started working on the site," she shared with Refinery29. "No one is really documenting these designers now as they should, allowing them to document their own journeys," said Rasool. "I really just want them to able to tell their own stories without being pigeonholed into this mold of ‘this is African design.’"

Photo: The Folklore

The Folklore product-line is diligently curated to reflect just how diverse Africa’s contemporary landscape and design aesthetic is. The website features apparel, accessories, shoes, bags and homeware which Rasool hopes to edit seasonally. 

She has future plans to host pop-up shops for these brands — many of which aren’t sold in the United States — in order to give consumers a touch and feel experience to “get a sense of these brands and the quality of clothing.”

Photo: The Folklore

One of Rasool’s goals is to have her audience support the brands she’s showcasing in the same manner that people support luxury brands and designers in high-end stores. “I’m just excited to help them tell their stories,” stated Rasool. After a successful pop-up during New York Fashion Week, she plans to host another one in Los Angeles later on this month and another one in New York for December. 

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