Business woman and influencer Ari Fletcher has been dodging all rumors about her when it came to her relationship, men she has been spotted with as well as drama with friends. She recently took to Instagram live to share that she would soon talk about everything, on her own platform. She mentioned that she wanted to control her own narrative and tell her story when she was ready. In a new video she posted on her Youtube, Fletcher opened up about everything. Including addressing the pregnant belly picture posted by rapper and on-again-off-again boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo.

Earlier this month after the rumored breakup, Moneybagg posted an image on Twitter of a woman holding her stomach as if she was pregnany. The now-deleted tweet had many fans assuming it was Ari.She confirmed that it was her in her recent video.

In an outtake from the video, that was posted on social media, the influencer also mentioned that she did indeed suffer a miscarriage.

“That was me. And unfortunately, I had a miscarriage,” she says in the video. “I was pregnant and I did have a miscarriage, so yeah. God said not right now. Probably in the future.”

Ever since the picture from Moneybagg was posted, it seemed as if all her fans wanted to know was about the possibility of a pregnancy. Without respecting her privacy or letting her grow through the rumored pregnancy, all everyone wanted was answers from her. Just for everyone to find out that she lost the baby. These are the reasons why we mind our business when it comes to pregnancy, especially with Black women.

A study of data from 4.6 million pregnancies in seven countries found that the risk of a miscarriage is 43% higher in Black women than their white counter parts.

Aside from miscarriages, there are a plethora of other pregnancy troubles a woman can face. Black maternal mental health is an issue we face as a country, and it doesn’t make it any easier when everyone is trying to get an answer out of you about the status of your womb.

The important lesson to learn here, is to mind your own body. Whether it be Ari Fletcher, your mom or even your best friend, you don’t ask about pregnancy unless they have brought it up to you. Let them have some discretion when it comes to their bodies.

Watch Ari address the pregnacy rumors and her relationship status with Moneybagg Yo below.

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