Based on traits alone, in Aries, Capricorns have met their match. While that’s a pretty bold statement, who better to make it about than the headstrong ram? With a comparably intense drive to that of Capricorns, Aries are optimistic and impulsive. Capricorns, the determined planners, believe that taking the right steps eliminates error. At their cores, these signs are opposite, embracing different approaches to the bigger picture and the details. Opposites attract though and this has the capacity to be a case of yin and yang: different but complementary. Let’s talk about Aries and Capricorn compatibility. Are these signs living in their own worlds or two horned heads of the same coin?  

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What Are Aries Like?

Born March 21 through April 19 and ruled by Mars, these rams know a thing or two about passion. They follow their guts and their impulses, sure that the universe will take care of the rest. With an unwavering optimism, these fire signs are willing to do the work to back it up. What they want is already theirs as they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to get it. They won’t back down, not when they’re scared and not when they’re wrong. Their conviction is one of a different breed and the world that they’ve created for themselves functions very well. The key to goals achieved and dreams come true is an impeccable work ethic; Aries understands and embodies this.

When it comes to love, the work ethic plays a role there, too. They may have a bit of a workaholic approach to their passions which can come in the way of their relationships. Is it sabotage? Not necessarily. Working hard now so that you can play harder later sounds like the perfect setup for an Aries. Oh, but don’t worry! They’ll do some partying, too. This sign just needs to establish time for rest and openness, similar to that of their Capricorn opposites. Their friends are often the ones to reel them in and remind them to take breaks. While Aries don’t look to their friends, or anyone else, for the help/care that they dish, they hold a special place in their hearts for the friends that do. Going after the bigger picture can stand in the way of appreciating and observing the details causing relationships with Aries to require their intentional presence. 

What Are Capricorns Like?

Born December 22 through January 19 and ruled by Saturn, these sea goats are known for their determination. Whatever the goal is, as soon as it’s established, Capricorns are ready to build the plan that puts them on the path to achievement. However long it takes to get it right the first and/or (sometimes) second time, they’re willing to put the time in. Their responsibility often puts them in positions of leadership where they can mold others, creating a well-oiled machine. They’re professional supporters, getting you to think about the ins and out of your own goals and dreams, becoming so invested that they may bug you about them when you least expect it. What can be perceived as rigidity, in Capricorns, is actually calculation of risks, but also of how everyone can contribute to the project. They’re no-nonsense in that they expect your best, but that only makes everyone around them stronger. 

Along these lines, Capricorns are very supportive partners. They believe in showing up and pushing you to fulfill your highest potential. You may not always be in the mood for pushing, but it’s a loving nudge that comes from their hearts and their minds. In their careers, they’ve already mapped out their future- one filled with accolades and acknowledgments. Success in their careers pours over into the rest of their lives, creating ease in their relationships. They don’t commit easily, although once they’re in, they’re in. If they’ve befriended you, be prepared for a motivated companionship. If you’re able to get them to make room for the unexpected and give way to all of their restrictions, you have the makings of a well-balanced relationship that takes into account fun and fulfillment. 

Aries and Capricorn’s Romantic Compatibility

Where Aries boldness can be brass, Capricorns make time for tact, seeing it as the key that will open more doors. Both hardworking signs relish in their independence- that is until they meet their match. Aries and Capricorns see each other as folks who can stand toe to toe like worthy competitors. In the realm of romance, fire meets earth and the fire spreads. Fuel and space allow Aries to be uninhibited when expressing their passion. They, like their Capricorn friends, are keen to dominate and are softest when showing how big and bad they are. Capricorns, in meeting their match, feel comfortable dropping their guards although they never anticipated being able to do so. 

Aries and Capricorn’s Sexual Compatibility

When this passion manifests physically, Aries have the capacity to shock their Capricorn lovers. The sea goats only know the strength of their own will to thrive and excel, but a burning flame feels foreign to them. Capricorns will be drawn to the warmth, brightness and majestic quality of an Aries stamina and yearning. It’s a long-lasting and masterful engulfing! Capricorns, impressed by the sheer force of the Aries’ sexual energy, open themselves to consume and be consumed. Compatibility here feels like diving in head first. Does it exist? Yes. Does it require compromise? Somewhat. Is it worth it? Definitely.

Aries and Capricorn’s Friendship Compatibility

Congruently, Aries and Capricorn in friendship understand they’ve entered an all-encompassing love. Friendship isn’t just friendship, but rather kinship based upon loyalty and encouragement. Pushing each other as far as they can go is a true demonstration of their bond. This can also backfire if these signs aren’t secure impacting the quality of their encounters and duration of the relationship. Whatever the case, these hooved homies have what it takes to hold each other down and rise to the sun on their own establishing a solid foundation for if they want to take things to the next level or relish in their bestie-ness.

Are Aries and Capricorn Compatible?

The horned, headstrong duos are no strangers to confrontation in their personal or professional lives; they see them as opportunities to refine. As both signs are used to having their way, leading the pack and pulling the reins, they meet their match in one another. True competitors know who is deserving of respect and when to give it. In this case, Aries and Capricorn have the capacity to be compatible, if they make room for difference and take turns playing boss.