Arrowroot powder has been used for many years and a quick look at its benefits explain why. Arrowroot has been a key vegetable and starch for many cultures. From acne-fighting properties to naturally reducing oily skin, there are many positives to using this plant-based powder.

What Is Arrowroot Powder Used For?

Arrowroot is similar to cassava, yam, taro and potatoes. It hails from Caribbean islands and South American countries, such as Brazil and Guyana. It’s a staple in culinary dishes around the world, especially in South Africa and the island of Dominica. Arrowroot is gluten-free and comes in powder form.

Beyond culinary interests, arrowroot also has its healthcare and skincare benefits. Arrowroot is perfect for its oil-pulling qualities, gut health support. It also works as a thickening agent. Arrowroot has multiple uses and is non-toxic.

The Benefits for Skin

Arrowroot has several benefits for healthy, glowing skin. The arrowroot powder is natural, making it a clean alternative for skincare. Arrowroot powder also clears excess sweat and moisture, making it an effective agent against oily skin.

For those who constantly experience sunburned skin, arrowroot powder may be the answer. The powder provides relief because of its cooling effect on the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties also reduce pain from over-exposed skin.

Arrowroot is also a great ingredient for smoothing skin and reducing blackheads. To achieve these results, simply use the powder to make a paste and apply it to the places that have the presence of blackheads or rough skin.

Another benefit worth noting involved adding the powder to natural body butters, salves and lotions. The natural ingredient will encourage smooth skin. It is a lightweight product full of skin-enriching properties.

Arrowroot powder also can work as a component in beauty routines. The loose powder is a perfect alternative for those seeking natural makeup options.