Being a mother is a beautiful experience that comes with a set of distinct challenges, especially as a single parent. 

One of the most common internal battles is mom guilt, which describes the feelings of regret and shame. These feelings stem from parents not believing they are fulfilling their expectations or responsibilities as caretakers. Guilt can be a byproduct of trying to abide by social expectations or self-imposed standards.

Mom guilt doesn’t have to be a parent’s reality. There are ways to alleviate the pressure and approach parental responsibility with more ease.

Avoid Comparison

Comparison is a human emotion that can arise naturally. Resisting the urge to compare your parenting skills with another parent can be challenging but it is possible. There is nothing wrong with wanting to provide the best type of care for your child. However, doing so through the lens of what other mothers are doing can be detrimental for both you and and your child. Headline recommends focusing on your child’s capabilities to avoid entering that mindset. Each little one reaches milestones at their own rate. Learn to celebrate each step toward growth and progress to make those hard days of parenting easier. 

Become More Self-aware

In addition to understanding your needs, being willing to ask for help and share how those needs can be solved will aid you in the long run. In an interview with The Bump, parenting coach Valerie Hernandez spoke about increasing mental self-awareness in the moments when negative thoughts start to creep in. Instead of surrendering to the negativity, Hernandez suggests reframing a person’s thinking. In the example she provided, she showed how to express frustration differently. One tip is to block off time on your calendar for family time if squeezing it in during the workday is challenging.

Find A Community

The tried-and-true saying “it takes a village to raise a child” rings true. Building genuine relationships based in authenticity and vulnerability with other mothers has the potential to alleviate those guilty feelings. Having that additional support helps form bonds with other parents in similar situations. It’s a relief to have someone on your side who understand the distinct challenges that surface as a single mother.