Chilling temperatures can be a bit of a vibe kill, but summer doesn’t necessarily have to be over! There are so many ways to upkeep the fun in the sun without shivering in a bikini during the brink of autumn, like styling your hair with mermaid-vibe bohemian braids or rocking some beach nails.

With a simple palm tree print or seashell design, you can make a statement in any room that you enter, standing out next to boring ‘ol nude shades and the gloom of a fall palette. It can also be a helpful way to combat any seasonal depression that may arise from end-of-summer blues!

If you’re looking for a nail look that says “No matter what the season, I shine!” here are some beach nails to inspire your next set.

Charm it Up

@nailedbyvalz / Instagram

Charms aren’t always the most practical (reaching into purses and wallets is always a risk), but they are an easy way to jazz up any look. Throw in some shells and gold accents and you’ve got yourself a proper beach set!

These Beach Nails Say ‘Aloha’

@z0_0ey / Instagram 

While taking a trip to Hawaii might not always be the most plausible, bringing the Hawaii to you with this set of beach nails is a much more accommodating (and totally stylish!) way to go. Now all that is missing is a hula skirt and ukulele.

Totally Dreamy

@vanityprojects / Instagram

This look is giving very much The Birth of Venus artwork by Sandro Botticelli, which combines the love of the ocean with the sweet kiss of feminine romance. You’ll definitely dazzle with this nail look inspo!

No Length? No Problem!

@pufferdayspa / Instagram 

You don’t need a lot of inches to make a statement with your cuticles! This simple gel look features one finger of starfish design per hand to be on theme without overdoing it.

Pearly Elegance

@angi33la_nails / Instagram

Let’s be honest: this nail set is suited for a superstar. It’s the embodiment of an elegant pearl necklace, and with its opal undertones, it would be hard not to feel like just as much of an aphrodisiac as an oyster.

Let’s Get Loud

@nailsbykimmiexo / Instagram

You can still pick a bold and explosive color while rocking some beach nails! Paired with some palm tree silhouettes, this look combines the fun of the ocean with the exclamation of loud color.

Limited Too Couture 

@glammedbydulcee / Instagram

If you’re old enough to remember the iconic tween fashion brand Limited Too, you’d know that this look would be paying homage to the inner child inside that just wanted a fuchsia two piece.  

Hello Kitty Core Beach Nails

@nailedbyvalz / Instagram

Is there anything not to love about these nails?! From the leopard print, to the Hawaiian flowers, to the surf-ready Hello Kitty, it checks every beach nails box. Plus, let’s be honest, it can look good during any season.

Clean and Classy

@get_nailed88 / Instagram

Have an event coming up that you don’t want your nails to be too loud for? This look is elegant and clean without compromising on statement. Pairing well with any outfit, make sure to get a nail design artist that pays attention to the finer detail.

Miami Vice

@hheather_nails / Instagram

If the specific beach vibe you’re wanting to evoke is Miami’s South Beach, this design couldn’t be better suited. Between the bold neon and palm tree print, you can practically hear the Bad Bunny and taste the ice cold Corona.

Flirty Feminine

@primacapellisalon / Instagram

With cuffing season right around the corner, this beachy French mani set is the perfect look for a first date! It’s flirtatious and romantic, while still maintaining the fresh air and summer vibes of the beach.

Add Some Sparkle 

@suziemoon626 / Instagram 

Did you really think we were going to compile a nail inspo guide without including some sparkle?! With every shimmering piece of glitter embodying a speck of sand, this shoreline-inspired look is one of one.

Beach Baroque

@blingedbyblizz / Instagram

Not in the mood to play it safe? Say less! This baroque look is captivating, incorporating pearls and nail gems in a stunning and elegant design. The added shine and gold accented seashells will be hard to miss for any room you stunt in!

Pretty in Pink

@beautyspace_charlotte / Instagram 

Want to keep it more lowkey? With a matte off-pink look like this, all you need is a seashell accent to complete the vibe without doing too much. Plus, when can you ever really go wrong with pink?

Free Your Inner Child

@vibesnailsandlotionbar / Instagram

Let’s just have some fun! There’s something about this cute and colorful set that awakens the inner child, and that’s truly what it’s all about. Besides, when are beach trips ever as fun as they were when you were little, equipped with toys to build sandcastles and the innocence of youth?

Not So Fast, Summer!

Don’t let the impending longer nights get your spirits down: summer isn’t just a season– it’s a mindset. Maintain the spirit of warm temperatures, cool drinks, and the soothing crashing of waves with these adorable beach nail sets. There’s plenty of time for spooky and jolly nail looks later!