Alright ladies. cuffing season is among us. We may have gotten a late start to the game but we can still come out on top! The weather is changing and we need someone to rub our cold feet on and wear matching pajamas with. There is no time for lollygagging! Have no fear, here are some tips to find bae this year.


It is mid-October, so we are a bit behind on the schedule. However, if you put your efforts into high gear, you can definitely find some options. Most important part about scouting? Getting out there and making connections. You can go the easy route by using social media or dating apps. You could also go out into the world and meet people IRL.

When on the hunt for a potential match, you have to be open to meeting new people. We know that it can be a little uncomfortable to chat with new people, but how are you ever going to make new connections without it? If you are choosing the IRL option, try grabbing a drink, if applicable, so that you can wash those nerves down. Meet people, make friends and get some phone numbers.

Starting five

Once you’ve rounded up all your draft picks and observed how they played, it’s time to choose a starting five. It doesn’t necessarily have to be five people, but just narrow it down to the top potential people you may want at your side. These are going to be the people you become more intentional with.

The idea of dating multiple people at once is not widely welcomed but it’s great at helping you find exactly what you like. During this time, you should try your best to learn as much as you can about these people. Not so much of what their favorite color is or their favorite meal, but more of questions that can help you gauge how they would be as your partner. Asking how they handle their emotions during difficult times and some challenges they may have overcame in previous relationships are great. You can also gauge how great you two have fun with each other! As time winds down, you start to find out who your MVP is going to be.

Crowning Your MVP

After you’ve watched the games your starting five has played, the season should be coming to an end. Typically cuffing season ends around Christmas, because you should have found someone you’d want to deck the halls with. Choosing the person you want to spend all your time with should feel as easy as breathing to you. They have similar interests, they make you laugh but also, they make you feel safe. Your MVP has been making 3 pointers all season and catching all the rebounds, and deserves the top spot.

Good luck this chuffing season! We have faith in you. Just know if you don’t make it this season, you can always try again the next!