Someone once said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. While that is true, I see so many people over look that idea. There’s no need to shy away from taking the first step. Put your big girl panties on, go up to that person you like and make that first move! Here’s how to shoot your shot at someone you’re interested in.

Shake Out Your Fears

Yes, it can be very intimidating to go up to someone that you think is fine and spearheading a conversation. Before you go up to them, take a trip to the bathroom or your car and take a moment to look in the mirror. Hype yourself up! Tell yourself you got this! I mean, look at you! You’ve got it all, who wouldn’t want to at least have a little chat with you?

Once you’ve gathered up all the confidence you need. It’s time to take it to the next step and prepare what you want to say to break the ice.

Breaking the ice can be very simple if you want it to be. Don’t make it too simple, however. Whatever you do, never bring up the weather. A good start is asking a question. What they’re drinking or what brand of show they have on. Get a conversation going and try your best to make it as interesting as possible. You have to make sure you’re intriguing the person.

The Closer: Get Their Information

It’s time for the big question. Just remember to keep it cool, calm and collected. Don’t be too eager but don’t seem uninterested. When you feel the conversation starting to dwindle down, get ahead of the awkward silence. Mention that you should be getting back to your friends but you two should stay connected. That’s when you finally ask for their number.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Have Conversations

Now, don’t screw it up after you’ve gotten their number! Do what you can on your end to make sure the conversation keeps going. The good thing is, if you two do mesh well, then the conversation should be smooth sailing.