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Beauty Tools Every Girl Needs To Have This Winter

by nishastephens

Photo: Unsplash

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When it comes to beauty and grooming, tools are a natural area to overlook in the beauty world. They are hardly as stunning as the latest pallets or lipsticks to hit the shelves, but they are not something we should ignore.

Here are 5 beauty tools every girl needs to have this winter:

Gillete Men's Razors - $12

I know it sounds crazy, but I got into the habit of using these special razors and ever since I love the way my skin feels with it being free of any little hairs. These mini razors are great at eliminating any peach fuzz, and by using a men’s razor, I feel like I receive a higher quality and have sharper blades that give a smoother and less irritating shave. 

Amope™ Pedi Perfect™ Extra Coarse Pedicure Electronic Foot File - $13

Every girl needs a good pedicure to keep their skin smooth and soft, and yet, not everyone can afford monthly pedi's (myself included). That's why this file has become an absolute staple in my beauty regimen. This file has sharp blades that can buff and smooth out your feet instantly.  It’s probably the one beauty product every girl can agree on during these cold winter months. It does remove any flaky skin I might have and leaves my feet feeling ultra-smooth.

ULTA Professional Nail Dry - $3

Let’s all admit that a fresh coat of polish can change your whole life. You feel confident, sexy and bold. But what usually happens a day, maybe even a week after a fresh polish? Chipping, that's what. Waiting for the polish to dry is one of my least favorite thing to do ever in a beauty routine. However, with this product,  my nail polish sets in record time to avoid smearing. Directly spray on the nail dryer for a professional looking finish.

Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler - $16

I think there are times in life when we should always try to find a way to save some cash, yet one item I swear everyone should take the change on is an eyelash curler. I used to hate curling my lashes since I still managed to pinch my lids and ever since I celebrated on this little wonder, I've had no complaints. The design alone makes it worthy to be a part of my makeup collection, and it helps you achieve that wide-eyed, awakening effect first thing in the morning.

Beauty Blender - ($20)

So this one shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, but beauty blenders are a must-have in any makeup bag due to mainly their versatility. You can use it to blend out foundation, concealer, contour, highlight; you name it. Whatever you use it for, beauty blenders are the ideal option for creating a smooth base of makeup.

What beauty tool is your ride-or-die?

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