Historically, Black women have faced societal pressures to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards, which often meant straightening their hair with harsh chemicals or heat styling tools. In recent years, there has been a movement toward embracing natural hair and celebrating the diverse textures and styles that Black women’s hair can take. When looking for a 4c wig, it’s important to choose one that matches your natural hair texture and color as closely as possible to achieve a natural look. Also, consider the wig cap construction, hair type, length, and quality when you are making your selection. Here are some 21Ninety approved 4C wigs for naturalistas to try.

Kinky Curly Wig

$119.98 ($17.01 / Ounce)
$269.99 ($42.52 / Ounce)

Kinky curly wigs are a great option for those with 4c hair. They offer a natural look and texture that mimics natural hair. They are often synthetic or human hair. This 100% unprocessed 9A Kinky Curly Lace Front wig is human hair and is a perfect addition to any naturalista’s hair collection. Looking for a colored wig? Try brown.

Afro Wigs

Afro wigs are another great option for naturalistas. These wigs mimic the look of a full, fluffy afro. They’re perfect for anyone who wants a bold, statement-making hairstyle. This deep-part lace front human wig is a naturalista’s dream.

Lace Front Knotless Wig

Braided wigs are a popular choice for those with natural hair. These wigs come pre-styled with braids, twists, or locs, making them easy to wear and style. They’re also a great protective style that can help promote hair growth. This 31-inch knotless box braided wig comes complete with baby hairs.

Twist Out Wigs

Twist-out wigs are a great way to achieve a defined twist-out look without the time and effort it takes actually to do a twist-out on your own hair. The designer pre-styled these wigs with twists. Fluff the twists out for a voluminous look. This ultra-long long braided wig with a knotless design is simply gorgeous and flattering.

Crochet Wigs

$85.99 ($85.99 / Count)

Looking to add more character to your hairstyle? This wig is great for adding volume and length to 4C hair. Crochet wigs are primarily made by attaching hair extensions or pieces of hair to a crochet cap using a crochet hook. The hair is woven into the cap to create a realistic-looking wig. Crochet wigs are popular because they are one of the most adaptable wig types for different head sizes. This braided wig by Annivia is a go-to for anyone who loves to merge functionality, versatility, and glam. This wig is definitely a must-buy!

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