Why is it so hard to find wigs that don’t look so … “wig-gy”? Is there anything worse than spending hundreds of dollars on a cute new wig only to receive a weird, shiny mop of hair? And to make matters worse, none of the girls seem to know where to find a good wig either. Luckily, there ARE wig vendors that carry soft, natural-looking wigs and weaves. Even better, they’re Black-owned.

The Struggle Of Finding A Decent Wig Vendor

The struggle is real when it comes to finding a quality wig. A lot of times, the wigs you see advertised on wig vendor websites look VERY different in person. Many of them are unplucked and ill-fitting with way too much sheen. And unfortunately, no amount of washing, dry shampoo, or baby powder can make it look better.

Not to mention, there are countless online videos of social media influencers unboxing wigs that look like their real hair. But even when you purchase the exact same wig that an influencer wears, it often looks nothing like theirs did. And as a result, you end up spending more money AND time returning it. Or even worse, if the wig vendor doesn’t accept returns, you’re left with yet ANOTHER wig to add to your collection of wigs you don’t wear.

Black-Owned Wig Vendors

If you’re looking for a wig vendor that sells good quality wigs, there are quite a few to choose from. To top it off, many of them are Black-owned so you can keep it cute while you support a Black business. To find premium hair, here are five Black-owned wig vendors that you need to try asap:


Nahara’s Curls

Nahara’s Curls is an online hair store that offers natural, curly hair extensions. Its founder and CEO, Elena Lewis, started the company with healthy, manageable hair in mind. And as a stylist for more than a decade, you can expect only the best quality wigs at her store.

The company carries a wide selection of hair extensions, from U-part wigs to clip-in hair extensions. Even better, all of the hair mimics Black natural hair so you can find your exact match, no matter the type or texture.

Whether you have 3a or 4c hair, Nahara’s Curls has you covered. Plus, their blog is full of expert tips and tricks on how to style the hair, dye it, or simply maintain it.



Natural Babe Hair


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Natural Babe Hair is a hair company that specializes in kinky, natural hair extensions. There, you can find natural wigs, clip-in extensions, and ponytails.

Its founder, Nikitha, has been featured in Essence and other notable publications for her work. She started the company with a mission to transform the beauty of art into wearable designs. Since then, Natural Babe Hair has skyrocketed to success, with famous clients like singer Teyana Taylor proudly rocking their hair.


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The company also sells hair accessories to complement your wig. To complete your look, Natural Babe Hair carries a number of statement pieces, such as necklaces and bangles.


Heat Free® Hair


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Heat Free Hair is another Black-owned wig vendor that sells a number of natural hair wigs for Black women. All of the hair at Heat Free Hair is 100 percent virgin hair so you don’t have to worry about your wig looking synthetic.

The company carries many products, including lace closures, drawstring ponytails, and headband wigs. And you can shop according to the texture you want to rock, from coils to blowouts.


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To help with styling and maintenance, Heat Free Hair also offers hair care products. Their “High Definition Curlbrush” detangles, defines, and smooths your natural wig. And their “For Kinky/Curly Textures” kit is a customer favorite.


Miyi Hair


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If you like to switch up your look from time to time, Miyi is the best place for you. This one-stop shop carries a broad selection of natural hair types and textures, from kinky to coily to curly.

At Miyi, you can satisfy all of your hair needs. The company sells wigs, clip-in extensions, ponytails, and bundles. They even offer advice on how to care for your hair, including a list of product recommendations that can help.


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Whether you like big, beautiful ‘fros or wet and wavy bobs, Miyi is the perfect complement to your Black girl magic.


Finger Comber


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If you want to enhance your natural hair, try Finger Comber. Finger Comber isn’t just a hair company. Instead, it’s a “natural haircare community that was made for naturals by naturals.”

At Finger Comber, you can find a little bit of everything, including beauty accessories, jewelry, and makeup. They also carry hair care products for effortless styling and maintenance.


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But of course, the star of the show is the hair itself. The company is a wig wonderland for naturalistas who want to add fullness or length to their hair. Or, if you want to change up your look entirely, their vast collection of textured units is the perfect way to do just that.

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