When it comes to styling Black hair, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. There’s nothing worse than waking up to twist out that’s not fully dried or curls that fall limp. And when you’re already running late for school or work, there’s no time to redo time-consuming hairstyles.

It can be pretty tempting to call in sick from school or work when this happens. And you’re not the only one who feels this way. Out of 2,000 women polled, one in ten admitted that they have called out from work because their hair wasn’t cooperating.

For Black women, something like this can lead to school or workplace harassment and even be grounds for termination. Hair discrimination is real, and it especially affects Black women the most.

Former Mississippi news anchor Brittany Noble-Jones made headlines after alleging that her employer discriminated against her natural hair. After a longstanding battle with the company, she was eventually fired.

To combat discrimination that disproportionately affects Black women, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Crown Act, short for Create a Respectful and Open Workplace for Natural Hair. The Act offers employees legal protection against hair discrimination based on type, texture, and style.

Fortunately, there are ways to turn the worst hair day into the best one. Whether you’re natural, transitioning, or relaxed, there are multiple styling options for Black women to wear when their hair just isn’t acting right. From top knots to bucket hats, here are seven of the best tips when you’re short on time and energy:

Try A U-Part Wig

U-Part wigs are a wig style that allows the wearer to leave some of their hair out, almost like a partial weave. It’s a popular choice because the results can look very natural when styled correctly. On bad hair days, u-part wigs can come in handy. After a few minutes of styling your leave-out, you can quickly put it on and go.

When wearing u-part wigs, it’s important to blend your natural hair to match the wig’s texture. When your leave-out doesn’t match the texture of your wig, it may be obvious to others that you’re wearing fake hair.



You may need to add styling products to your hair to blend it with the wig. These can include hair gels, hair lotions and creams, leave-in conditioners, or even plain ole water. It’s all about doing what works best for your hair to bring out those beautiful coils and curls.

Similarly, if your u-part wig has straightened hair, you can pass a flat iron or hot comb over the length of your strands to mimic the straightened texture of the wig. Make sure to apply plenty of heat protectant to clean, dry hair before using head to avoid damage to your natural tresses.

Wear a Headband


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Headbands are a great way to combat bad hair days. They’re helpful on days when you’re running late and don’t have time to style your hair.



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Headbands are a versatile styling option as well. They come in different colors, patterns, textures, and widths. As a result, women (and men!) can wear them with just about anything, from gym clothes to business suits.

Depending on the look that you’re going for, you can style your headband in different ways. For example, try wearing two or three thin headbands at once over a slicked-back bun for a professional look. On the other hand, thick, textured headbands go perfectly with messy top buns and ponytails for a casual daytime look.

Wrap It Up


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Bad hair days are no match when it comes to headwraps. Available in various colors and patterns, they add plenty of variety as a styling option.

You can twist your headwrap to create an elaborate updo or a casual Bohemian style a la Erykah Badu. You can also style it so that part of your hair shows in twists, braids, or a ‘fro. For those who like their edges laid, headwraps are a great way to draw attention to those cute baby hairs.



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When purchasing a headwrap, try to look for ones made from satin material. Other fabrics are more likely to rub against your hair and edges, creating friction and hair loss. Sometimes, the cutest wraps are made from cotton and other materials that can be harsh on your hair. If you choose to wear one of these, moisturize and tuck away your ends underneath your wrap to protect your delicate strands.

Hats are the ultimate bad hair day remedy. These can include baseball caps, sun hats, beanies, and berets. They’re perfect at hiding untamed frizz, unruly edges, and coils that fall flat.

The type of hat you choose will depend on the rest of your outfit.



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Baseball caps are popular to wear with a low bun or ponytail to meet with friends or run errands.



Natural hairstyles like ‘fros, passion twists, and ‘locs look beautiful underneath wide-brimmed sun hats for a cool, beachy look.

Beanies are a casual styling option that work well with flat twists, straightened, or transitioning hair to avoid it looking too bulky.

TWAs, big beautiful ‘fros, and box braids can be worn with berets for a soft and feminine or fashion-forward look.

Twist and Tuck


There are many ways to style natural hair, no matter the type and texture. However, when it comes to quick and easy styling options, twists are a top contender.



Twisted styles can turn a bad hair dilemma into a beautiful and elegant updo. To start, loosely twist several sections of hair; no parting necessary. Then separate the twists into sections. Curl and tuck the top section closest to your edges before pinning it up to create a sophisticated side bang. You can divide the remaining section of twists into two or more and follow the same method — curl and tuck. You’ll have a stylish updo in no time.



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The great thing about the twist and tuck method is the variety in styling options. There are plenty of online tutorials offering many different ways to section and tuck the hair to achieve an assortment of creative looks.

Style It Into a Bun


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The bun is arguably the most popular protective style for Black women. Not only does it protect your hair, but it’s also a great style that can be worn pretty much anywhere, for any occasion. Whether you’re natural, transitioning, or relaxed, buns are the go-to for many women.



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You can slick back your bun with your favorite hair products or wear it loose to show off your cute frizzy edges. While buns are commonly worn low, high buns or top knots are always trending. You can style a messy high bun with a cute headband or scruunchie. Or you can slick down your baby hairs like Lori Harvey with a sleek and shiny pulled back bun.

Wear a Messy Ponytail

There’s no better way to combat a bad hair day than to embrace it. Enter the messy, high ponytail. It’s a fun style that’s easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion.



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Messy ponytails aren’t just for other races of women to wear. Black women look great with messy ponytails, too!



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When it comes to wearing messy ponytails, accessories are essential. These ponytails look best with colorful, eye-catching scruunchies and thick hair ties. You can even add hair clips and barrettes to the style for a more personalized look.



With messy ponytails, frizz and untamed edges add to the style. Too much manipulation can ruin the look, so it’s important to let loose and let your hair do its thing when styling your messy ‘do.