4c hair gets a bad rep. Many women call it frustrating, uncooperative, or even ugly. But this is not true at all. In fact, with the proper wash day and hair care routine, it can grow long and strong. And just like anything else, the more you practice properly caring for it, the easier it becomes.

4c Hair Representation

The natural hair movement celebrates all Black hair types and textures, but women with 4c hair aren’t always invited to the party.

Some of the most popular natural hair influencers are Black women with looser curl patterns. Many Black women with 4c hair fawn over their defined waves and ringlets. But when they attempt to follow their hair care routine, it doesn’t always turn out the way they imagined.

Also, many hair care products promise to define your curls to give women the irresistible ringlets they desire. But these products are typically marketed toward women with looser curl patterns. And when Black women with 4c hair try the products on their hair, they realize that their curls aren’t poppin’ like they thought they would.

That’s because 4c hair is different from 3a hair or even 4a hair. It’s beautiful, unique, uncommon — and should be celebrated as such.

How To Care For Your Hair

Because so many commercials and online ads feature women with long, luscious curls, it’s understandable that women with 4c hair want to achieve those styles too. After all, these marketing techniques are designed to push a certain aesthetic.

Every woman wants to feel beautiful, but it’s important to recognize that 4c hair IS beautiful. But sometimes, it’s hard to see that when you aren’t caring for it with the proper routine and products.

You can work WITH your hair, rather than against it. And over time, you’ll realize that maintaining it is a breeze. Plus, when you start to experience fuller, longer, and more healthy hair, you’ll wonder why you ever wanted any other hair texture in the first place. If you want to be hair goals, take a look at this easy peasy step-by-step wash day routine for 4c hair:


Mud Mask: Detox Hair and Scalp Treatment

Part of having healthy hair starts at the scalp. If your scalp is healthy, your hair can grow.

In between washes, sweat, dirt, and other debris can build up on the scalp. As a result, the pores on your scalp become clogged, limiting hair growth.

Start your wash day routine with an exfoliating mask to cleanse your scalp. This Mud Mask: Detox Hair and Scalp Treatment by Bread Beauty Supply is made with quartz, clay, and other nutritious compounds to clean your scalp.

You can apply the product directly onto the scalp using its nozzle feature or part your hair into sections to apply it that way instead. Then gently massage the mud mask into your skin before rinsing it out.


Everyday Coconut Shampoo


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After rinsing the mask off your scalp and hair, it’s time to lather up. 

Because 4c hair tends to tangle, you can part your hair into four or more manageable sections to save time on detangling.

Then apply the Everyday Coconut Shampoo: Purely Coconut by Alaffia to each section. Because shampoos are intended to cleanse the hair, many of them can strip the natural oils that coat your strands. 


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Choose a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil to cleanse and hydrate your hair. Fortunately, the Everyday Coconut Shampoo is formulated with virgin coconut oil, shea butter, and ginger extract for clean and moisturized hair.


Pure Grape Seed Conditioner with Ultra Slip


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After rinsing out the shampoo, apply a generous amount of conditioner to each section. Then, rake the product through your hair, slightly detangling it as you go.

When it comes to 4c hair, the detangling process can be frustrating. But with the right conditioner, it can be a breeze. Choose conditioners with moisturizing ingredients like this Pure Grape Seed Conditioner with Ultra Slip from Curl Mix. Its water-based formula includes organic grape seed oil AND organic vegetable glycerin — both excellent for hydrating 4c hair.

For added moisture, let the conditioner sit on your hair for several minutes before moving on to the next step.


Baomint Deep Conditioning Treatment


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For maximum hair health, try a deep conditioner. Deep conditioners are packed with nutritious ingredients to give your scalp and hair the healthy boost it needs.

But deep conditioners are best used for their hydrating benefits. This Baomint Deep Conditioning Treatment by Adwoa is good for adding moisture to your hair. Made from exotic baobob and a blend of tingling mint oils, this deep conditioning treatment is the perfect addition to your self-care routine.


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Apply a generous amount of the product all over your hair. Then, twist or braid your hair before wrapping it in a steam cap (or plastic bag if you don’t have a steam cap). Finally, let the product sit on your hair for at least twenty minutes. 

The result should be softer, more manageable hair that’s easier to detangle.


RESTORE+ Daily Hair Balm


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Detangle your hair after rinsing out the deep conditioner. Your hair should still be parted into sections, but you can part it even further to make detangling more manageable.

After parting your hair, apply a few drops of RESTORE+ Daily Hair Balm by Girl + Hair to your scalp for added moisture and shine. This daily hair balm is made from quality ingredients such as castor oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, and more to pack nutrients into your scalp and hair.


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Massage the oil into your scalp, raking it through your hair. Be careful not to be too liberal with the product, as too much oil can weigh down the hair, making it look flat and limp.


Twist-Elongating Style Cream

The final step of your wash day routine includes a moisturizing cream.

4c hair is sometimes prone to dryness, so to combat that, you can use a creamy product to hydrate AND style your hair.

This multi-functional Twist-Elongating Style Cream by Melanin Haircare helps detangle, moisturize, and define your hair. Its formula includes a list of nutritious ingredients that target common 4c hair concerns. Its blend of butters adds nutrients to your hair, while aloe vera hydrates and repairs damaged strands. Plus, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and Argan oil are great for adding volume.

Apply the product onto each section, then comb it through your strands, starting from the ends and working your way up to the root. After you’ve finished, you can style your hair as desired.



For more 4c hair tips and tricks, watch Wash N Go, a Blavity TV original series that highlights how other women style and maintain their “wash n go” each week.

Be sure to tune in to Wash N Go on August 1st for more healthy hair care routines and product recommendations.