The clean girl aesthetic is a popular beauty trend that emerged on TikTok in 2021. Inspired by celebrities like fashion models Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber, the trend promotes a minimalist mindset regarding beauty and fashion.

Many women recognize it as a newer version of the “no makeup” makeup trend of previous years. Apparel items like white tees, beige dresses, or black blazers are common wearables for women with the clean look.

How Do Black Women Fit In With the Clean Girl Aesthetic?

There have been several discussions on social media about how the clean girl trend is not as inclusive for all, namely Black women. A number of clean girl hashtags on TikTok feature thin white women as inspiration. But highlighting white women as the face of the trend while calling it “clean” has some Black women giving it the side-eye.

One popular Twitter user called out the trend, naming it “low key anti-black.” In the now-deleted tweet, she claimed that the simple aesthetic was not inclusive to Black women because Black women need “coverage and structure.” Some women agreed with her, also pointing to curvy women’s lack of representation. However, others disagreed, calling her post anti-black in and of itself.

Either way you look at it, Black girls CAN have a clean girl aesthetic. In fact, many Black women were already sporting minimal makeup and simple hairstyles not too long ago. It wasn’t uncommon to see a Black woman with a slicked-back bun wearing light mascara and chapstick before the Instagram baddie era emerged. And while both trends are great for different reasons, the clean girl aesthetic is really taking off. Take a look at how you can make the clean girl aesthetic part of your everyday style:

Gold Jewelry Is A Clean Girl Aesthetic Staple


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Even though the clean girl aesthetic promotes minimalist fashion, a basic top with bottoms can sometimes be boring. Instead, you can spice up your look with jewelry as long as you keep it cute.

Gold jewelry has always been a staple in the Black community, and it’s a must-have for keeping up with the clean girl trend, too. Even better, you can wear gold with just about any outfit. The important thing to remember is that when it comes to this aesthetic, less is more.

Try wearing a pair of small gold hoop earrings to enhance your look. Also, a set of simple gold bangles can be an excellent way to dress up your outfit. Feel free to play around with your jewelry, but try to stay away from bold statement pieces like heavy chains or gaudy rings.

Neutral Colors Are Ideal


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One of the most popular clean girl outfits is a simple white tee and blue jeans. But you can also switch up your look by wearing other neutral, muted colors like black, tan, beige or gray.

If you like to dress according to the season, you still can! Wearing colors outside of black and white is totally acceptable. Just remember to keep the outfit as simple as possible.


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For example, you can wear an olive green blazer over a casual black dress and sandals. Or you might dress up your look with a burgundy satin dress and simple pair of square-toe heels.

Nails Are Clean and Simple


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You can’t forget about your nails when it comes to the clean girl aesthetic. Your fingernails and toenails should be tidy and simple. Natural, neutral colors like light brown or sheer pink are a great way to achieve the look. And nails with French tips are a popular choice for women who want more than just a solid coat of polish.

You can also skip a visit to the salon to do your nails yourself. If so, don’t forget to exfoliate your hands before beginning the process. This will give your skin a soft and supple look and feel.

In addition, taking care of your cuticles is key to maintaining clean girl nails. First, trim your cuticles with a cuticle clipper, then push them back to create a smoother, longer nail bed. Finally, finish with cuticle oil and lotion for a fresh and easy manicure.

Clean Girl Hairstyles Are Polished


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When scrolling through TikTok for clean girl hairstyle inspo, many of the hairstyles can seem more suitable for other races. You may find women with straight hair donning a classic middle part or sweeping their hair back into a polished bun or ponytail.

Of course, Black women can straighten their hair to achieve these looks as well. However, for Black women who like to wear their hair in its naturally curly or coily state, achieving the clean girl aesthetic may feel challenging.


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Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be! Black women can also stay on trend while maintaining their natural hair. Try protective styles like box braids or micro-braids for a polished, clean look. And you can wear your hair in its natural state, too! Ask your stylist to cut and shape your ‘fro to frame your face to maintain the clean girl aesthetic properly.

Makeup Should Be Fresh And Natural-Looking


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Clean girls often wear minimal makeup that makes them look fresh and bare-faced. This is a huge step away from the dramatic lashes, colorful eyeshadows, and bold lips popular on social media. For clean girls, the goal is to look natural yet polished, so your makeup should demonstrate that.

Also, just because clean girls wear softer makeup doesn’t mean your face card has to decline. In fact, this minimalistic style of makeup should enhance your natural beauty even more.


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Instead of heavy cheek contouring, try wearing a light application of blush for a soft and youthful vibe. You can also swap the thick, dark eyelash strips for simpler, more natural-looking ones like demi wispies or half-lash strips.


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And if you like lipstick, you can still wear it! Just remember that it should complement the rest of your makeup, so nude, natural colors are always a good go-to for the clean girl aesthetic.

When It Comes To Accessories, Less Is More


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Part of the appeal of the clean girl aesthetic is that it allows for minimal styling. This is especially beneficial for women who are new to fashion or unsure how to accessorize properly. As a clean girl, your job is mostly done after you’ve found the perfect top and bottoms to wear.


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Opt for simple accessories like a thin, gold necklace or a purse to complete your clean girl outfit. Blazers are another clean girl fashion staple. You can wear one over a solid t-shirt and straight-leg jeans or even as part of a matching pants suit set.