We’ve put you onto bejeweled nails, jelly nails, nail trends that are being rocked by our favorite celebrities and now we’re here to put you onto lipstick nails!

Lipstick nails are “nail extensions that are shaped to look like an actual lipstick” and we believe that this trend is definitely going to take over the spring and summer months.

According to Kadimah Aaliyah, a nail artist based in the United Kingdom, it is possible to D.I.Y. your lipstick nails at home if your natural nails are long enough – but she recommends that it’s best to have them done by a professional nail artist. In an interview with Allure, she shared, “If you have super short nails, you’ll need extensions. So unless you’re equipped with an acrylic nail kit, a nail pro is going to be your best option.”

She also reminds those that are interested in rocking the style to be mindful of taking care of their nails afterwards. “Your nails are jewels, not tools,” she shared. Which means, stay away from washing dishes without gloves, opening up cans, and moving heavy furniture to avoid damage and painful breakage to your nails. She also recommends finding cuticle oil that you love and apply it often to your nail beds to keep them looking fresh and moisturized. 

Take a look at some of our lipstick nail styles below!

This Valentine’s Inspired Set

Nail artist, Ejah Doll, shared this Valentine’s Day inspired nail art to her Instagram earlier this year and viewers simply went crazy. Everything from the shape, to the hearts, to the puff, is giving what it needs to give. And let’s not forget – she incorporated a classic, french tip.

This Funky Set

Nina, a licensed nail artist in Kansas City, shared this retro set with her followers on Instagram and got very creative! One hand featured a pink snake print, a lizard tip, hand painted cherries, and purple flames. While the next featured red-eye hearts, colorful zebra prints, blue evil eyes, pink glitter flames, and colorful smiley faces.

A Short But Swirly Set

This nail set proves that lipstick nails can definitely be achieved on shorter length nails. Boston nail technician, Giselle, shared this set with her Instagram followers and captioned it “vacay nails.” We’re loving the colors!

A Money Set

What’s better than money? Or a freshly done nail set? Well, the answer is both! And why not combine the two with lipstick tips! This set was created on a client by French nail artist, ZBobiNails.