Beyoncé and Jay-Z have proven time and time again they surpass the realm of just music—they are, in every meaning of the word, humanitarians. From giving $100,000 scholarships to 10 deserving high school students during their OTRII tour to awarding HBCU’s $200,000 after Beyoncé’s acclaimed #BeyChella performance to countless other selfless acts, the powerhouse couple is back at it again with their partnering with the Calfornia-based cancer research center, City of Hope.

During their recent star-studded gala which honored Warner/Chappell Publishing CEO and Chairman Jon Platt, City of Hope, along with our favs Beyoncé and Jay-Z, rose over $6 million for cancer research. 

"We find partners in the honorees and the honorees help arrange the talent. So Jon Platt is a tremendous partner and compassionate and passionate person who's joined this fight all in. And Jon's the one who made the call to Beyonce and Jay-Z, who said yes immediately," City Of Hope CEO Robert Stone told Forbes

Jay-Z introduced his longtime friend, Platt, to accept City of Hope’s Spirit Of Life Award and shared he could not think of anyone more deserving than the man they selected. 

“He's the Obama of the music industry. And I'm just glad that everyone in this room gets to acknowledge and prize this man tonight for all his accomplishments. He's behind some of the biggest hits in the world and it couldn't happen to a finer person," Jay-Z shared on the gala stage. 

PHOTO: The Hollywood Reporter

In turn, Platt went on to introduce Beyoncé for a special performance she prepared to show off her unmatched vocals singing “Halo” and “Ave Maria.” Although he was a notable honoree that evening, Platt made it a point to highlight the Black excellence Beyoncé consistently exudes. 

“I'm so lucky to work with someone that inspires me the way she does. I'm so lucky to work with someone that every time I walk away from her I say to myself, ‘I gotta work harder.’ On her recent tour with Jay that just concluded, as I watched audience after audience lose their mind, my thought went to her journey. And I was reminded that even when you're the biggest talent in the world it still comes down to hard work. You see, she leads by example." – Jon Platt

The night was filled with admiration, support and above all, a generous amount of money was raised to help others continue to keep up the fight against cancer. 

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