Beyoncé’s patience appeared to be running extremely thin as she seemingly dealt with some unexpected on-stage struggles recently. The incident happened during the two-night Amsterdam stop on her Renaissance World Tour as Beyoncé sang “Summer Renaissance” which is the final song of her tour show.

In video footage captured from the side of the stage during the June 18 show, it looks as though Beyoncé was instructing her stage crew to remove a set of stairs that was placed beside her as she sat on her mirrored horse Reneigh. 

At one point in the clip, it even appears that the singer frustratingly mouthed “Oh my God!” and kicked her heel at the stairs to hopefully signal the crew to push them away.

The crew eventually rolled the stairs away before returning them to her side — leaving many to guess the crew may have missed its cue. Others felt that Bey was actually motioning for the crew to bring the stairs closer so she could step off the horse.

No matter what the actual issue may have been, the always observant fans of the singer wasted no time turning the moment into the latest viral Renaissance World Tour moment.

In replies to a Twitter post of the video, people joked that crew members were definitely in big trouble after their apparent mess-up.

The latest Renaissance World Tour mishap brought back memories of a now iconic moment from 2008 when Beyoncé yelled “somebody’s getting fired” when her crew forgot to cut off the lights during a performance of “Diva” during her I Am… World Tour. Fans of the singer are still curious about what happened to leave the singer seemingly so frustrated during Sunday night’s show.

The Renaissance World Tour has been making headlines since it kicked off in April. Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy has hit the stage several times with her mom over the last several weeks. And Beyoncé’s Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland made a stop by the show during its multi-date stop in London.