For many years and album releases, we saw Beyoncé maintain a clean-cut image that we became accustomed to. With the release of “Beyoncé,” we began to see another side of Bey, and that momentum only continued after the release of Lemonade. Her new album “Renaissance” is putting another spin on women’s liberation and self-expression. Here is how the Queen’s album is ushering in a new era for women.


Beyoncé’s recent album fearlessly explores unique sounds and themes, and while there are raving reviews have garnered critical acclaim, the messages within the songs are also of equal importance. One particular record that speaks to women’s empowerment and self-expression is “COZY,” a pulsating rhythm that alludes to the idea that women can be demure yet blatantly sexy and soft yet unabashedly fierce.

Acknowledgment And Acceptance

In “I’M THAT GIRL,” Bey is bold, braggadocious, and unbothered and invites women to be just that with her. The anthem is an ode to self-confidence and acknowledging that there is room to recognize just how great you are irrespective of the external invalidation. For the most part, women have been taught by formative society to speak softly, cower, and shrink themselves, but there has been an increased rate of women refusing to be silent and embracing all of who they are.



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In this era, many women are beginning to accept the soft life and are not feeling guilty for doing so. Beyoncé’s “Rennaisance” is a perfect mirror that chronicles the fundamental shifts in mainstream society. Yet again, the icon has done a phenomenal job making a mark in history by using the lyrics in her songs to talk about cultural shifts, thoughts, and feelings that many women are experiencing.

In this era of Black women burning the cape and embracing the soft life, Bey’s album is a timely capsule eagerly championing the movement. Every song is sharp, catchy and compelling. The messages are even more spot on with current trends. Although the album continues to thrive, the real message of importance behind the project is the message that it carries within it; a call for all women to take their self-esteem back without any fear.



It has now become imperative for women to be informed and within the loop. With all of the changes happening in society, knowledge is power, and staying knowledgeable makes all of the difference, and that is also a major theme established in the album.


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