Seeing doppelgangers is a rare occurrence. However, there are many Black celebrity look-alikes that appear to be related. Recently, Jennifer Hudson had a moment of twin confusion herself.

When Coco Jones graced the stage of Hudson’s talk show, the two discussed how they often are mistaken for each other. Hudson even shared a video of a fan who swore she was Jones and wanted to take a picture with the “ICU” singer.

Fans were left in awe as they witnessed the uncanny resemblance between the two talented stars. Here are some other Black celebrity look-alikes that are easily mistaken for each other.

Zoë Saldana and Thandiwe Newton

Zoë Saldana and Thandiwe Newton’s striking features and undeniable beauty have often led fans to do a double-take. From their slim faces to high cheekbones, one could consider them sisters. These two actresses are not only powerhouse performers, but also epitomize grace and elegance.

GloRilla and Lil Mama

The striking resemblance between GloRilla and Lil Mama is almost unreal. As soon as GloRilla made it on the scene with her single “F.N.F.,” fans saw the striking resemblance to the “Lip Gloss” rapper. Online users joke about needing the two female rappers to stand in the same room together to prove they are not the same person.

Megan Thee Stallion and Toccara Jones

When Megan Thee Stallion hit mainstream with her single “Big Ole Freak,” fans immediately noticed that she looked like another confident curvy woman. Once old clips from America’s Next Top Model started to circulate, it all came together for fans. Fans compared the “Cobra” rapper to ANTM season 3 contestant, Tocarra Jones, who is a trailblazer in the plus-sized model realm.

Kym Whitley and Jackée Harry

With their infectious laughter and larger-than-life personalities, fans often mistake Kym Whitley and Jackée Harry. Whitley and Harry’s talent, along with their shared interest in PG-13 humor, make them that much harder to tell apart.

Keri Hilson and LaLa Anthony

Keri Hilson and LaLa Anthony could pass as sisters. They share a striking resemblance and a knack for stealing the spotlight wherever they go. Whether it’s on the red carpet or the silver screen, these leading ladies know how to leave a lasting impression.

Janet Jackson and Halle Bailey

Janet Jackson and Halle Bailey have captured the hearts of many with their talent and beauty. From their captivating performances to their timeless style, these leading ladies have solidified their places in Hollywood history. Although they were born decades apart, they seem to share the same aura. Bailey paid homage to Jackson for Halloween in 2023, dressing up as her iconic “Poetic Justice” character.

Nicki Minaj and Chaka Khan

Born decades apart, Nicki Minaj and Chaka Khan shaped the music industry in their respective ways. However, these two queens of the music industry share more than just a love for music. They both share an uncanny resemblance that has left fans in awe.