As black mothers, we tend to focus so much on the needs of our families that we often fail to care for our own bodies, minds, and emotions.  Mom burnout is just as real for black mothers as moms of other ethnicities, and the stresses that black moms deal with are overwhelming.  The economic devastation from the pandemic has caused a lot of stress. Some black mothers lost their jobs while others have relatives who contracted or passed away from Covid19.  There are also many black mothers who find it hard to strike a balance between teaching their children at home and working from home.  It is not selfish for black mothers to practice self-care.  In fact, it would be more stressful if you don't take time for yourself.  Here are ways that black mothers can practice self-care.

Eat Healthier Foods

Another thing you can do is to eat healthier foods to reduce stress.  Instead of reaching for the potato chips and candy when you're on a snack break from work, eat more fruits, whole grain snacks, and vegetables.  For breakfast, you can eat whole grain waffles with honey and fresh fruit.  For lunch, you might eat a tuna salad with grapes on the side.  And for dinner, eat grilled fish or chicken with brown rice or quinoa.  When you have a balanced diet, you're better able to handle your daily duties. 

Don't Stay Up So Late at Night

It is also crucial to get in enough sleep at night. About one to two hours before bedtime, turn off all your electronic devices, and make the room dark.  Put on some relaxing music or a podcast to help you sleep.  When you stay up too late every night, it causes you to not be well-rested the next day and you could be cranky, unmotivated, and not excited about what the day will bring.

Talk About Your Struggles

Don't just keep your pain to yourself.  It is okay to talk about your struggles to trusted friends, relatives, and even a licensed therapist if necessary. Find a group of people who can serve as your safe space when life gets hectic for you.  Choose people who will not judge you harshly but who will still tell you the truth while encouraging you to be your best every day. 

Say No More Often

When you say yes to numerous requests at the expense of your mental and physical health, you suffer as a result.  Sometimes you need to say no so that you can set healthy boundaries.  If your little ones want to play with you nonstop even though you already played with them for two hours, calmly tell them that you need to prepare dinner but that after everyone eats, you will spend more time with them before they go to bed.

In conclusion, these tips will help you maintain excellent mental and physical health while taking care of your family.