As fall quickly approaches – it officially starts on September 23 this year – it’s time to lean into a softer glam look. Black eyeliner is a staple that has been a fan favorite for centuries, but don’t knock a brown eyeliner until you try it. The rich color is the perfect complement to your latte makeup look

“Brown eyeliner is always going to be a nice softer look,” celebrity makeup artist Adam Burrell told 21Ninety via a press preview event for No7 Cosmetics. During the event Burrell noted that a black eyeliner can create a much more stand out look. So, a brown liner adds more softness than a dramatic brown. 

“My favorite brown liners are creamy and glide on easily,” professional bridal makeup artist and licensed master esthetician Joy Pfister, told 21Ninety.

The professional makeup artist notes that if the eyeliner comes with a smudger on one end, use it to buff out the top of the eyeline.

“This creates a smoother, more lived in look,” Pfister said.

However, if your eyeliner doesn’t come with a smudger, you can use an angled brush instead.


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Revlon’s ColorStay Eyeliner Pencil is an all-in-one brown eyeliner. It features a built-in sharpener, a smudge tip, and the screw-to-reveal eyeliner. With this pencil’s more petite tip, you can get close to the lash-line. Then, quickly use the smudge brush to buff the liner before it sets. Once it’s on there and fully set, you’ll be locked into your waterproof look for up to 24 hours – or until you take it off. And, it comes in an additional seven colors for when you’re ready for something new.

Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty’s Perfect Strokes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner seamlessly glides on the lids for a tug-free experience. This opaque waterproof eyeliner can be smudged with an angled brush for a more relaxed look. Plus, there’s a built-in sharpener to help you get a precise line every time you reach for the vegan eyeliner. Feel free to grab the brown, black, or neutral mauve.

Laura Geller

This Laura Geller New York Kajal Longwear Kohl Eyeliner Pencil is thick enough to make a more dramatic eyeliner look with less strokes. With this brown liner you can go on the lash line or even in the waterline. Plus, the base of the Laura Geller liner stores its included sharper. Best of all, this product is also nourishing to the eye. There’s caffeine to give you a more wide awake feel and vitamin E to moisturize your lids as well as the roots of your lashes. All of that said, there are actually 12 total colors to shop – brown included.


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Rimmel’s Exaggerate Eye Definer is a retractable eyeliner. That means you can twist back into the tube to lower the amount of product revealed. It also has a built-in smudger so that you can buff this waterproof eyeliner out – before it’s set for 10 hours. This rich brown color dries down to a matte finish. That said, there are six other color options to shop to place alongside your brown liner.


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Maybelline’s Hyper Easy Liquid Pen is for the days when you want a balance between bold glam and a soft look. This tug-free liquid eyeliner boasts a fine tip that you can use to create a dramatic wing. You can also use it to get more creative with the design on your lids. Since it’s in a pen form there is no sharpening needed with this one. 

Both this pitch brown shade, and a solid black, are waterproof. So, once it’s on, you’re covered for up to 24 hours.

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