Thanks to the legalization of marijuana being on the rise, we are seeing the normalization of all things cannabis-related. Luckily, this gives us room to support cannabis-based companies that are owned by people of color and especially those owned by women of color. This is perhaps the only time "women and weed" go together in a sentence that isn’t misogynistic. Here are 7 WOC-owned cannabis companies that deserve our dolla dolla bills:

Photo Cred: American Cannabinoid Clinics

1. American Cannabinoid Clinics:

Dr. Janice Knox worked in medicine for 35 years and, after she retired, she teamed up with her husband, Dr. David Knox, and their two daughters, Dr. Jessica Knox and Dr. Rachel Knox, to create their family-owned cannabis business. Their mission statement includes, "Our mission is to deliver patient-centered integrative cannabinoid care to patients looking for a personalized approach for everyday health and healing." Throughout the last six years, they’ve counseled thousands of patients on the use of marijuana to help with illnesses and chronic diseases.

2. Simply Pure:

Simply Pure is a Denver-based, cannabis cooking company and a medical dispensary which was founded by Wanda James and her husband in hopes of shedding light on social justice issues concerning cannabis. James’ brother was arrested and charged with a felony for marijuana possession while he was still a teenager, so she and her husband are hoping to change how the world views the relation between people of color and cannabis. Simply Pure is the first cannabis edible company that offered healthy alternatives to the edibles industry. They provide 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free products. Simply Pure was also the first black woman-owned dispensary in the state of Colorado. Talk about #boss!

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3. Stash Twist:

Stash Twist was founded by Andrea Unsworth and is currently "a woman-operated, non-profit cannabis collective in the East Bay providing safe access to high-quality medical cannabis and cannabis products," according to their website. Stash Twist offers everything from edibles and oils to loose-leaf herb, tinctures and vape pens. Stash Twist also has vegan and gluten-free options available for their edibles in varying doses.

4. Cali Premium Produce:

Priscilla Vilchis is a California-based entrepreneur and the first minority woman CEO to be awarded two licenses in the state of Nevada which allowed her to both own and operate a cannabis business to produce cannabis-derived medicine. Nevada calls for a very difficult process to obtain those licenses and Vilchis took on the process and successfully completed over 500 applications to get licensed. Premium Produce LLC was created with the intention of providing patients safe access to effective, high-quality cannabis. Her hopes with Premium Produce is to one day see an America that embraces marijuana as a viable medicine.

5. Euphorium:

Euphorium is a non-profit, woman-owned collective that offers high-quality, carefully-curated cannabis, concentrates and edibles. Owner of Euphorium, Charlita Brown, comes from a pharmaceutical background and is driven by her belief in the medical benefits of cannabis. According to their website, their combination of excellent products and grade A customer service is the key to their success and sets them apart from all of their competitors. Their products are tested and are delivered to qualifying patients throughout the East Bay.

6. Mary & Main:

You may recognize Hope Wiseman from E!’s WAGS Atlanta, but she is also the youngest dispensary owner in the United States at just 25-years-old. Due to her background in finance, Wiseman admittedly didn’t know much except that the cannabis industry could provide a real market opportunity. After 3 years of hard work, she obtained the license to open up her business. According to an interview with EstroHaze, Wiseman’s dispensary will also host classes to educate their patients on how to make money specifically in the cannabis industry.

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7. Whoopi and Maya Medical Cannabis:

Whoopi Goldberg teamed up with Maya Elisabeth, who is the founder of Om Edibles, to provide the best ingredients and the most effective medicine. The two women hit it off instantly and decided that their signature line of medical cannabis will be specifically designed to provide relief from menstrual discomfort, according to their website. Their products can be found in California and Colorado and include bath salts, cacao powders, oils and rubs.  

These boss women are taking the cannabis industry by the horns and we are all the way down for the ride!