Carol’s Daughter has been making strides in the beauty industry for 25 years with their trustworthy hair, skin and body products. Creator of Carol’s Daughter, Lisa Price, started creating her own essential oil-based perfumes and body products as a hobby in her own home in 1993. Lisa’s mother, Carol, encouraged her to sell her goods at the local flea market and Lisa told Allure that she really didn’t know if anyone was going to buy her products. At the end of the day, Lisa Price sold out of everything. 

Lisa continued to sell her products at other fairs and markets and would continuously sell out. One holiday season became Price’s lightbulb moment. 

 "I purchased about $900 of glass jars and bottles from the distributor — the equivalent of [my] rent money. When I found myself trying to find places in my apartment to store all of these jars of boxes, I sort of had a little bit of a panic attack and it was kind of like, 'what the hell are you doing? You just spend the equivalent of your rent in bottles and jars. What if you don't sell this stuff?'" Price shared with Allure

Needless to say, she sold out and returned to her seller just ten days before Christmas to restock on her jars. Since that holiday season, Carol’s Daughter gained an enormous following and they’re now stocked in major retailers, pharmacies and big box stores. 

Check out the brand’s 25th year anniversary video below and the website’s best selling products:

healthy hair butter:  

photo: Carol's Daughter website

This healthy hair butter contains 7 key essential oils and shields your hair from everyday wear and tear while maintaining hair’s natural shine.


photo: Carol's Daughter website

This collection promises 98% less breakage after just one use. Each product works to detangle and repair damaged hair for luscious and healthy hair. 

Marguerite's magic cream:

photo: Carol's Daughter website

This product is a must-have, according to the website, and if you have dry, brittle hair, this is the product for you. This magic cream restores your hair's natural strength while softening and improving its manageability.

black vanilla leave-in conditioner:

photo: Carol's Daughter website

Aside from smelling like absolute heaven, this leave-in conditioner contains wheat protein and Pro-vitamin B5 so your hair is healthier and won’t break while detangling.

hair balm nourishing liquid pomade:

photo: Carol's Daughter's website

Who knew liquid pomades were possible? Lisa Price sure did. Adding a bit of this liquid pomade to an oil or hair cream and makes hair easier to style and manage while controlling frizz.