Central Cee is a British rapper from Shepherd’s Bush, London whose first two singles went viral in 2020 and first mixtape debuted at number two on the UK Charts. His talent has afforded him many opportunities, including dating TikTok influencers like Madeline Argy.

While the duo has kept the details of their affairs offline, they both upload the occasional confirmation that they’re linked. Music and media have always crossed paths, in representation, collaboration and at celebratory events. Like many to come before them, these two stars are making headlines with their year-long romance before it was cut short last fall.

So who is named Oakley Caesar-Su’s boo? Here’s what we know about Central Cee’s girlfriend. 

Who Is Madeline Argy?

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Tory Burch)

Madeline Argy is a London-based TikToker and influencer. She gained fame after telling a story about how a worm made its way into her sister’s leg. Her raw approach garnered close to six million likes on the video, launching her quickly and successfully into the TikTok influencer world.

Argy now has over six million followers across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Known for her cooking and storytime videos, she also dabbles in pottery and wellness. The online personality hosts her own podcast titled Pretty Lonesome where she discusses mental health topics and broadcasts from wherever she’s located: car, bed, etc. The success of her show and influencing has also landed her a podcast partnership with Alex Cooper, the host of Call Her Daddy. Their shared show will be called Unwell.

A Timeline of Their Meeting and Dating

British rapper Central Cee and TikTok influencer Madeline Argy began dating in September of 2022. Argy shared in an interview that she’s always loved being alone and has only ever entered a relationship when she fell hard for someone and that’s the case with Central Cee. She also shared that they’ve been on again-off again for years due to being obsessed with one another and never fully handling their toxicity as a couple.

Whenever it’s come up in conversation that things need to change, they’ve always found ways to ignore or overlook it. However, this time around, they were off-again to the point of unfollowing one another on Instagram. It was also rumored that Central Cee’s infidelity was the last straw before they decided to split in September of 2023.

Central Cee and Madeline Argy: Where Are They Now?

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The two were seen enjoying a secret date at an Ed Sheeran party in the fall where the singer approached them for conversation. Outside of that catch up, the music and media stars stuck to themselves. However, once they were caught by paparazzi at a Chelsea game in mid-December, rumors began to circulate that the couple was on-again. True confirmation came when the rapper gifted his sweetheart with diamonds and a Mercedes Benz for Christmas.

Known for broadcasting from her car, Argy has expressed immense gratitude and joy for her new possession. Central Cee gifted her a note as well expressing his love for her in addition to how proud and grateful he is to have her in his life. Fans were shocked by his gesture as they were unsure about the status of Central Cee and Argy’s relationship.

Still, it wasn’t long before fans’ responses were loaded with congratulations. We wish the couple continued success in their professional and personal journeys!