“Bossy” singer, music and style influence Kelis made her mark on music and has transitioned to a quiet, farm life outside of Los Angeles. Before she attended Le Cordon Bleu and became a chef, gaining appearances on NYT Cooking and Good Morning America, she was the unique voice that released four albums and was Nas’ heartthrob.

Best known, musically, for her single “Milkshake”, the singer-songwriter-chef-mom saw major success in music and fashion. She managed all of this while fighting battles within her romantic relationship that would eventually lead to a divorce and a hiatus from music.

Despite the public nature of her split from Nas, due to irreconcilable differences and alleged abuse, Kelis found love again. She went into this new spark with one child from her previous connection and had two more children. But with whom, and, with so much time passed, who is Kelis dating?

Kelis Dated and Married Nas Before Their Official Split In 2010

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Kelis and Nas met in 2002 at the MTV Video Music Awards afterparty. She introduced herself and Nas expressed plans of making her his wife. After two years of dating, the couple became engaged and married in 2005 at a Baptist church in Atlanta, Georgia. True Kelis fashion meant doing things differently so she wore a wedding dress embellished by green tulle. She would later go on to file for divorce in 2009 while pregnant with their only child. The divorce was finalized in 2010 and the green portion of Kelis’ wedding dress later appeared on the cover of Nas’ album titled ‘Life Is Good’. The album, which dropped in 2012, was represented by this cover, Nas said, as a demonstration that he’d moved on from their relationship.

For the next six years, the duo would stay silent about their marriage dealings until Kelis revealed in an interview what contributed to the end of their relationship. Still, this wouldn’t be her last run-in with love. 

Kelis Later Married Photographer Mike Mora in 2014

Not much was heard about Kelis’ dating life between leaving Nas and marrying photographer Mike Mora in 2014. A year later, Kelis would give birth to her second son, her first child shared with Mike. Six years of matrimony, her last album titled “Food”, an anniversary tour and some features later, Kelis and her family moved onto a remote farm outside of Los Angeles. She also gave birth to their second child, her only daughter. Kelis continued to manage the farm, showcasing this chapter of her life via cooking show appearances and her Instagram profile. Within a year of embarking on this part of her journey, Kelis’ husband Mike Mora announced via Instagram that he’d been diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer, advanced gastric adenocarcinoma.

The photographer, husband and father was given eight months to live and passed away in early 2022. In the face of this devastation, Kelis has continued to preach positive messages of wellness and self-connection via her social media profiles and brand deals. 

Who Is Kelis Dating Now?

Amidst her mothering, business managing and traveling, it was reported that Kelis was also dating actor Bill Murray. Reports began to circulate in mid 2023 about the pair with almost 30 years of age between them. Many observers continued the couple to be an unexpected duo, but for two months, they allegedly held one another’s attention before going their separate ways.  Not only were they spotted out in public together, but Bill was also seen attending a couple of her music gigs to show his support.

Neither media personality has spoken to their connection although they both seemed to disregard comments about the oddness of their relationship. Since then, Kelis has established a large following on her Instagram with regards to her self-care routine and travels. We continue to wish the icon a love-filled journey in her personal and professional affairs!