The older we get, the faster time moves and the more it seems that 24 hours in one day just isn't enough. As a result, we settle and put things on the back burner. Sometimes the "thing" that we put on the back-burner is our own self. Not 100% sure that you've been a victim of self-neglect? Answer this question: When is the last time that you only did things for yourself? I thought so. I don't know about you, but adulting is hard and I'm tired. Here's what I plan to do about it: I'm going to spend 7 days indulging in unapologetic self-care — and you should join me. On every day of this week, I'll actively try to practice these behaviors: 1. Saying no to people who demand my time and 2. Setting up structured times for work (if I don't achieve everything that I'd like to in the time, it'll have to spill over into the next day).

Here's the plan:

Day 1: Treat yo'self day part 1

I'm treating myself to a 60-minute full-body massage, because why not? Massages release stress and tension, leaving you feeling more energetic and less tense. Alternatives: Sensory deprivation, acupuncture, facial, manicure/pedicure, chair massage and so much more. Find what you need to treat your body.

Day 2: Treat yo'self day part 2

Buy a new outfit, pair of sneakers or makeup set (even if it's full price) and do not feel guilty about it.

Day 3: Drop off the grid

This can mean turning off your phone for a day or spending some time in nature. I'm a lover of the outdoors, so even though I live in NYC, I'm going to find a way to go on a hike and reconnect with the world.

Day 4: Go on a new adventure

Do something that scares you. For me, this will be going to 'Escape the Room' or getting on a random train and getting off at a random stop. Whatever it is, there must be a hidden adventure somewhere in your city!

Day 5: Try a new recipe or restaurant

I'm a foodie, so I'll be doing both. And I have no shame about it. Food is a gift from the heavens and you deserve to taste the wonders of this world. Now, I'm not telling you to try sushi if you don't like fish, but there's a way to stay within your comfort zone while also venturing out of your norm.

Day 6: Meditation

Yoga has done some amazing things for my mind, body and soul. The meditation component is really what helps me feel like a new person. If you've never meditated before, just lay down on your bed or on the ground, close your eyes and try to focus on one thing. It'll be surprisingly refreshing.

Day 7: Treat your mind! 

Read a new book. Pick up something that's uplifting and empowering. Maybe watch a new movie if books aren't your thing. Whatever it is, do something that'll stimulate your mind in a positive way. Getting all of these things done in a week might not be possible, so try to spread them out over the course of a month if that's easier for you. Now, let's do it! unapologetic self-care