Chloe Bailey accidentally ate meat recently despite her status as a dedicated vegan. An emotional Bailey detailed the traumatizing experience during an Instagram live stream. A TikTok fan account recorded the live and shared it to their page.

“Halle laughing at Chloe crying because she ate red meat lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂,” the caption read.


Halle laughing at Chloe crying because she ate red meat lmaoooo 😂😂😂😂😂 #storytime #chloexhalle #chloebailey #hallebailey #vegan #veganburger #beyondburger

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Credit: @chloexhalleroom/TikTok

“So I called to get a Beyond Burger for sis and I like usual. Specified that it’s vegan, no butter on the bun, nothing like that,” Bailey said. “So we get the burgers, I’m getting out of the shower… and [Halle] is eating the burger, and she’s like, ‘Are you sure this is Beyond?'”

Bailey reassured her younger sister that the burger was vegan. It wasn’t until the “Treat Me” singer took a bite of the burger herself that she realized that she just bit into red meat.

“I touched the patty and smelled it and was like, ‘Of course, it’s Beyond, yeah.’ So I finish getting dressed, I take a bite, and the juice dripping from the burger is not like a Beyond burger. I just knew it was not a fake burger,” she continued. “The one bite I took, and I just knew. Immediately I said, ‘This doesn’t feel right.'”

An alarmed Bailey called the front desk to confirm that the duo received the correct burger. She was informed by the concierge they, in fact, did not.

“He said, ‘No, they’re brand burgers.’ I said, ‘Brand burgers? I said Beyond burgers.’ I don’t even know what a brand burger is,” she told her fans.

Bailey went on to explain that she completely melted down after learning that she consumed meat.

“I gobbled down a whole can of Sprite. Halle’s laughing at me because I’m crying. This is right before the [Beyoncé] concert yesterday. I’m crying, Halle’s just laughing so hard at me because I’m freaking out,” she said.

‘I Have Not Consumed Any Red Meat for 10 Years’

The singer and her sister, Halle Bailey, have been dedicated vegans for the past ten years and extremely vocal about their lifestyle choices. They decided to make the lifestyle choice in 2017 with their mother.

“One day, she was like, ‘I’m gonna try to be vegetarian for a week. You can join me if you’d like.’ We started the week with her and just never went back,” “The Little Mermaid” actress explained to Complex in 2017.