Are you ready to start shopping for family members and friends for Christmas this year but you don’t have as much money as you would like?

Despite how much we want to give, sometimes our finances don’t allow us to provide as many gifts to our loved ones as we would like. However, you shouldn’t feel sad about this. There are tons of thoughtful gifts you can give that won't cost a lot of money. Or, if you have the materials already, they won’t cost a dime. Here are some fun gift ideas for when your funds are low.

1. If you are crafty, make a handmade gift, like a knitted scarf, hat, bath bomb or scented candle.

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2. Help out around the house with any chores or errands the gift recipient hates doing, like mowing, snow blowing, any handiwork, etc.

3. Cook someone their favorite meal or dessert.

4. Offer to babysit so your parents or your friends with children can have a relaxing, kid-free evening. 

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5. Use any special skills (photography, sewing, knitting, organization, etc.) to assist someone else.

6. A great gift idea for the grandparents is to help them out with yard work or maybe offer to shovel their driveway.

7. If some of your family members or friends have pets, offer to pet-sit if you know they’ll be away for the holidays. 

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8. If you know how to cook something seasonal, bake it up. Make some pumpkin bread or whip up an apple pie from scratch, your family will love the gesture if prepare some bundles of goodies for everyone in your family.

9. Create a photo collage of all your favorite memories with a family member or friend.

10. Fill a jar with inspirational sayings, encouraging reminders and memories with the recipient. Then, they can pick one out of the pot every time they are feeling down and need something happy to pep them up.

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11. Create a book of your all-time favorite and drink recipes into a little DIY cookbook and give to your loved ones.

What are some inexpensive gift ideas you’d like to create this Christmas season?

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