The Blavity House Party Music Festival will be here before you know it. The festivities kick off on June 14 at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium and end on June 15. So, as you start building your list of clothing and accessories to pack, make sure you add a clear bag to that list. Many venues for some of the summer’s hottest festivals, including Nashville’s Auditorium, require clear bags. Not to fret! There are a wide range of colors, sizes, and clear bag styles. But most importantly, you’ll be able to get through security without any hassle.

What Is the Bag Policy for Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium?

Clear bags must have a dimension of  12 inches by 6 inches by 12 inches, or smaller. Otherwise, for non-clear bags, you’re allowed to bring a small clutch bag that’s 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches, according to the Nashville’s Municipal Auditorium policy page. Also, no chains or wallet chains are allowed. So, if you were thinking of bringing a bag or wallet with a chain strap, leave it at home for the Blavity House Party.

Best Bag with Key Fob

Stackers Clear Stadium Bag

Photo Courtesy of The Container Store

This Stackers Clear Stadium Bag lets security quickly see what’s inside while also keeping your precious items safe. Plus, it comes with an adjustable wide guitar strap. There’s also a key fob with a clasp that can attach to items – like your wallet. So, even though you can see through the bag, you won’t have to fish for your necessary items at the party. Shop it in two colors. 

Best Belt Bag

Photo Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon’s Clear Belt Bag 1L Logo has one compartment so that you can go through security with ease before hitting the dancefloor. It buckles around your hips so you can go through the party hands-free. Shop this black bag before you head to the party.

Best Customizable Bag

Mark & Graham Build Your Clear Crossbody Bag

$44 - $99
Photo Courtesy of Mark & Graham

Mark & Graham’s Build Your Clear Crossbody Bag is one that you can make uniquely yours. You get to choose the bag color. Then, you can add your initials to the body of the bag. And, you get to customize the style of the included crossbody strap. Shop your customizable bag in four bag colors. 

Best East-West Bag

Missnine Clear Crossbody Bag

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Missnine’s Clear Crossbody Bag is an east-west style purse. That means it’s wider than it is tall. This two-pocket purse features a smaller front pocket and larger main compartment. The front flap has a magnetic closure while the main compartment zips closed from the top. 

Best Hobo Bag

Missnine Clear Hobo Crossbody Bag

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Missnine’s Clear Hobo Crossbody Bag gives you plenty of room for your belongings without breaking the Nashville Municipal Auditorium bag policy. This hobo style is 10 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 10 inches high. It also has two zip compartments so you can organize all of your belongings. Shop it in three colors. 

Best North-South Bag

Bunnychill Clear Crossbody Bag

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Bunnychill’s Clear Crossbody Bag is a north-south bag that won’t get in your way during the party. It’s longer than it is wide so it will lay next to your hip without knocking into everyone around you. And, it has two zipper pockets and a detachable guitar strap. Shop it in 10 colors. 

Best Saddle Bag

Wuflyover Clear Crossbody Bag

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Wuflyover’s Clear Crossbody Bag is a saddle silhouette that closes with a magnetic front flap. That way, no one can easily sneak their hands into your purse without you noticing. And, it comes with a wide patterned strap. Grab yours in one of four colors.

Best Sling Bag

Telena Clear Sling Bag

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Telena’s Clear Sling Bag is one that you can wear over your shoulder, in front of your chest, or on your waist. One side of the sling strap detaches from the bag so that you can customize how you wear it. Also, the bag has a zip compartment as well as a front slip pocket for organized storage. Shop this clear bag in 20 trim and strap colors.

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