Eloping increasingly has become more popular for couples, who wish to formalize their union without having a huge wedding ceremony.

Originally, eloping was initially perceived as a spontaneous act of love taking place in a City Hall or a Las Vegas church. While that still happens, eloping has evolved into more private, intimate and polished ceremonies. As inflation continues to rise, couples are considering this as a cost-efficient alternative option.

While eloping may not be the traditional route, there are various reasons why couples choose it over planning an extravagant event.

Less Expensive

Zola, an online wedding planner and retailer site, calculated that the average wedding expense starts at $33,000. However, rush fees or unexpected costs can increase the final amount. The number can also vary depending on the state. For example, the wedding site reported that an average wedding in Rhode Island would cost around $49,207. Additionally, Alaska is the cheapest state to get married, with wedding expenses averaging $14,444.

Eloping is an affordable option for couples who cannot afford or do not desire an expensive ceremony. City Hall is a common location where couples wed, and it is less expensive than securing a fancy venue. Prices differ in each state, but typically, couples must pay a fee for a marriage license and a government employee to officiate the ceremony. Brides noted that the entire process costs a little more than $200.

Avoids Family Drama

Planning wedding ceremonies is overwhelming enough. When there is family drama at the affair, the stress only intensifies. While surrounding yourself with relatives and extended family can be joyous, other people may not have a healthy relationship with their family members. This can open the door for unwanted negativity t an event that is suppose to be cheerful.

Eloping removes those negative sentiments because it is an intimate experience. Some couples extend the invitation to a few friends and family members, but it is not required. Fewer people make the experience more meaningful and allow the couple to zone in on their formed union.

More Honeymoon Spending Money

Married couples typically celebrate their newly formed union with a romantic memorable trip. The honeymoon can be domestic or international; however, in order to truly relax, spending money is essential.

Business Insider reported that people who elope typically are prioritizing honeymoons over weddings. Janessa White, CEO and co-founder of the planning company Simply Eloped, told the publication that many couples combine their elopement and honeymoons into one destination, ultimately saving significant amounts of money.