As the Deputy Editor for 21Ninety, part of my job is staying informed about what stories our readers connect with most. These are the stories that keep people coming back. Stories like “Sex Demons and Masturbation,” “Do You Submit to Your Partner,” and “How Changing Dating Trends Effect Black Women.” The popularity of stories like these prove, our audience doesn’t shy away from their desires regarding intimacy, relationships and love. That’s why we wanted to explore these topics in more depth with our new Coupled Up series.

In our exploration of sex we’ll dig into the benefits of abstinence as well as if daily sex is a healthy practice. On the topic of relationships you’ll hear from newlyweds about the lessons they’ve learned so far in marriage and from our 21Ninety staff about their best dating advice. And on the topic of love we’ll share how to connect with an old flame and discuss whether or not sharing passwords with your significant other is a good idea.

It won’t just be on our website where you’ll find this romantic exploration. Our social media team will also deliver Coupled Up Q&A. Make sure to join us on Instagram and TikTok to follow along on the fun.