For those who are newly natural or transitioning, caring for your hair is important, but learning how to do it properly can be difficult. Natural hair in all its glory can be quite the task to maintain, but it doesn’t have to be.

Photo: Freddie

With shows like Black-ish, Dear White People and Insecure, where Black women are seen rocking their natural hair, it’s given naturalistas are some serious inspos. Nerisha Penrose shared with Elle that after seeing Issa Rae wear her natural hair on television, she couldn’t help but wonder, “How on earth does she come up with all these different styles?”

Penrose spoke with the stylist behind Rae’s stunning styles, Felicia Leatherwood, to learn about how she began to care for natural hair and the best ways to do so for every hair length. 

Photo: Frédérique Harrel

Leatherwood began her hairstyling career by braiding hair in her neighborhood, but she developed an allergy to relaxers which led her to learn to care for her natural hair. Understanding the task at hand and how difficult it can be to do so, she set out to help other women learn about their natural hair as well. 

Whether you’re starting your natural hair journey or you’re working with back-length natural hair, it’s important to deep condition your hair at least twice a month, suggests Leatherwood. She also recommends curling creams or gels to maximize your curl definition after your wash n’ go. 

Photo: Paola Mathé

If you’re someone who deals with lots of shrinkage, a fun way to add some length can be by adding clip-ins. With companies like Kinkistry and Big Hair No Care, it’s become easier to find clip-ins that match your hair texture. Whether you’re starting your natural hair journey, or if you’ve been natural for a while now, patience is key, and learning how to properly care for your curls can make the process a bit easier.

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