I’m sure many of us can remember a time when wearing natural, curly hair wasn’t as accepted nor as much of a norm as it is now. There’s been a transition happening in the last few years, both literally and figuratively, when it comes to hair. Natural hair can be seen everywhere from the mall to the beach to galas and red carpets.

Social media has played an exceptional part in the movement, giving us endless tutorials and hair inspo. And thanks to social media, now there’s a #curlslikeus movement happening on Instagram which is allowing women to embrace their natural curls. The hashtag was started by Rochelle Humes, a television presenter and singer for the English group The Saturdays.

Humes spoke to The Sun and shared that her daughter, Alaia, didn’t like her own curls because princesses she would see on television didn’t have curls. Reluctantly, she straightened her daughter’s hair and is now in the process of trying to get her daughter’s curls back. Rochelle started to lead by example and wear her own natural hair, which has allowed her daughter to be more accepting of her own hair. Since then, Rochelle has been posting pictures of fellow curl girls with #CurlCrushWednesday and #CurlsLikeUs hashtags.

From 3a to 4c, the hashtags are all about loving curls of all textures and types. Humes’ Curl Crush Wednesday features women flourishing in their curly crowns. It’s an addictive scroll through, whether you’re in the mood to appreciate a great wash-n-go or looking for new #hairinspo for your next wash day.