After months of anticipation, Sally Beauty has finally announced its winner for the 2018 Sally Beauty Cultivate – For Women by Women accelerator program. *Drum roll* Curlanistas is the winner of the competition, and will be moving on to begin its journey as one of Sally Beauty’s endorsed brands!

PHOTO:  Curlanistas

Founded by 13-year-old Lexi Proctor and her mom, Monica Proctor, Curlanistas was created to encourage girls of all ages to love and take care of their natural hair. At one point in time Lexi was teased about her natural hair, which caused her to resent it, but after realizing the beauty of her hair and recognizing that others’ opinions did not matter, she set out on a mission to help other young ladies come to that same realization.

According to a press release on the big announcement, Sally Beauty will provide the brand with "… $25,000 in financial support; product distribution at; select local store distribution in Maryland and Virginia; as well as mentorship from the Sally Beauty management team and fellow female brand entrepreneurs. Curlanistas will also receive the opportunity to place its products directly into the hands of highly sought beauty influencers at one of Sally Beauty’s monthly influencer events."

21Ninety was able to ask the co-founders a few questions after they learned the good news:

21NINETY: We spoke before when you were still in the running and now you ARE the winner! How does it feel?

LEXI PROCTOR (Daughter): It feels so good to be the brand chosen for the Sally Beauty Cultivate program and I am at a loss for words! I am very thankful for everyone that voted for us. This opportunity is going to help Curlanistas expand. Sally Beauty is going to open up so many doors and teach us so much about the industry.

MONICA PROCTOR (Mother): It is a game changer because Sally Beauty Supply is the largest beauty supplier for hair products. The exposure we will be getting from the program will put us on another level. We would not have been able to touch as many people without this opportunity. The mentorship we have received from Sally Beauty is priceless and a dream come true.

PHOTO: Baltimore Times

21NINETY: What was going through your mind when your brand was named?

LP: I had just gotten back from Florida and my mom bought me a cake. I had no idea what was going on until I saw the cake and it said, "Congrats Curlanistas." I was so excited I cried. It was so surreal.

21NINETY: What does winning this competition mean to you?

LP: Winning this means so much to my mother and I. Getting to expand the line and reach consumers online and in local stores is amazing. We will be reaching so many more consumers through Sally Beauty and this program. To go through everything as a mother-daughter duo meant the world to me. I couldn’t have done this without the constant support of my mom.

21NINETY: We know everything is probably happening so fast, but what's the next step?

LP: I want to continue getting exposure for the brand. I also want to do more tutorials on Youtube and continue going to trade shows to help expand the brand so people get a feel for and understand how the products work. My dream is to be sold in Sally Beauty locations all over the world.

21NINETY: What do you hope this partnership will do for your brand?

LP: I hope and think it will help get a lot of people to know who I am and who the brand is. I want the message of loving your natural hair to skyrocket!

PHOTO: Twitter

Congratulations, Curlanistas! 

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