If you watch many modern dating shows, you’ll likely notice a couple of problematic patterns. Black women often are overlooked, disregarded or disrespected. However, OWN’s dating show “Ready to Love” mitigates these problems and allows Black women to make true connections. These women also serve as blueprints for dating lessons and tricks everyone should implement in their search for love.

On “Ready to Love,” Black women are the objects of affection. All of the contestants are over 30 years old and have a clearer picture of what they want. The women exhibit behaviors and set boundaries that every one could implement in their own dating lives. Check out these dating practices from the women of “Ready to Love” to help you in your love journey.

Don’t Be Amazed By Bravado

On the very first mixer of the season, DaMonte came out dressed extravagantly, which caught the attention of many of the women. However, that attention was short lived. When the women asked him about his career and goals, he spoke in circles, bragged about dressing celebrities and having his own business.

His bravado and boisterous speech fell on deaf ears. The women weren’t amazed by him and kept asking the right questions. Then, DaMonte mentioned he still was working on improving his credit, which stood out as a red flag to the women. They weren’t easily swayed by the looks or his conversation. Instead, they saw right through his demeanor and uncovered his true self.

Establish Boundaries Early 

Alonzo and Koshiea were asking each other questions to get to know each other in one of their early phone conversations. During the conversation, Alonzo asked her if she liked to be choked or slapped. Immediately, Koshiea said that she didn’t appreciate the sexual nature of the inquiry. While he tried to gaslight her and pretend that the question wasn’t sexual, Koshiea didn’t fall for it and explained that the average person would think that was sex-related. Setting boundaries is important in any relationship, but it’s even more important to stick to them once it is set.

Be Clear about Your Priorities

When Laymen realized that a family matter was taking up too much of her mental and emotional energy, she decided that she needed to walk away from the show. You have to take stock of the people, places and things that may act as a deterrent to your end goal before you enter the dating field. Are there things in your life that will prevent you from dedicating yourself fully to seriously dating? Will you be stringing people along while your focus is elsewhere?

Call Out Dishonesty 

When Jonathan was speaking about past relationships, Mieka got the sense that there was something amiss there. She chalked it up to him having baby mama issues. However, he later revealed that this wasn’t just the mother of his children. Instead, this woman was his ex-wife. Mieka told Jonathan that his decision not to disclose this information came off as sneaky. Honesty is important in any relationship, so this dating lesson spotlights the action’s one should take when someone is being dishonest.

Don’t Engage in Exceptionalism 

When Koshiea said that Will had been inappropriate with her in his conversation, Alexis chimed in to say that he had never done that to her and the men “know who to try.” Believing that you’re the exception to the rule is a recipe for disaster. Usually, men will reveal all of their true colors. It’s not okay for men to disrespect your fellow woman either. This dating lesson will help you not only find your special someone, but also stay true to your girls.