It seems that the rise of ‘situationships’ have taken over and Gen Z women are at the forefront. A Tinder-conducted survey revealed that Gen Z women prefer situationships most. The popular dating app revealed that the supposed ‘grey area’ is actually more desireable for Gen Z women than most would expect.

In the world of modern dating, this is nothing too surprising. Between committed relationships, communicationships, open relationships, situationships, and the many other trends, it seems that the situationship is the favored pick. Gen Z women seem to prefer the easeful, no-strings-attached approach, but what else is the appeal? Read on to find out more.

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What even is a situationship?

A situationship is where you’d find yourself if you are open to dating but not in a committed relationship kind of way. The status of two people in a situationship is slightly less rigid than in a full-blown relationship. In a situationship, you’ll find a sense of togetherness without locking in.

Despite popular assumptions (mostly by non-millennial/Gen Z people), a situationship isn’t simply for the serial flirters and the glorified pretend partners. Situationships can be wholesome and a safe space to explore the full scope of what your relationship could possibly feel like. Well, in a distant enough future, at least. Equally, it is often the go-to dating trend for those transitioning away from long-term relationships or breakups. This method of dating provides a light-hearted, slower way to ease back into seeing new people. It also allows you to be transparent about your boundaries and how much of your time and love you can offer the other person. Whether you have multiple situationships or just the humble one, there’s no one way to go about it.

Why do Gen Z women prefer situationships?

Gen Z and millennials were the most open to situationships. According to the study, data suggested that couples who prefer situationships over traditional relationships consider it a way to develop a relationship with less pressure. Hypebae reports that “Tinder saw women posting about situationships nearly 4X more than men.” This points to a shift from the defined set of terms in a relationship to simply enjoying the ride.

Some women are claiming it as an empowering relationship status. Some believe that what specifically makes a situationship empowering is the freedom and the choice. I.e. communicating with your potential partner that you’re looking for a situationship and going forward with that clarity is what most agreed works. On the other side of the story, some shared stories of finding themselves accidentally in a situationship for as long as six years.

What does a healthy situationship look like?

TikToker @stxph.h’s video went viral, sparking discussions about what a healthy situationship looks like. In the video, she speaks about her struggle in a situationship that she found difficult to navigate and break off. The video has over five million views.


hot girl rant 🙃🙃🙃🙃

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Many responded with shock that the TikToker had committed to the situationship while unhappy for six years. One commenter, @harphea, wrote: “this is an intervention. wake up” which 37, 000 liked. Sharing a similar sentiment, another user said “Girl STAND UP WDYM 6 YEARS?” There were others who shared similar experiences and felt encouraged to rethink their situationship statuses. The 23-year-old TikToker also revealed a readiness for a long-term partner like her other friends.

When done right, a situationship keeps a romantic bond casual yet full of rules made-up by yourselves, not society. It’s easy to see why Gen Z is down, but what’s your verdict on situationships?

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