Logan Browning has graced our screens on shows like Hit The Floor on VH1 and, most recently, Dear White People on Netflix. During her time on Hit The Floor, Browning wore a u-part wig which caused her hair some damage. When chatting with Vogue, Browning admitted, "By the end of the show, the front of my hair wouldn’t even pretend to curl." but she continued to work on her hair, learning how to rock her natural curls and how to properly care for them. 

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In a recent interview with Glamour, Browning admits she’s a DevaCurl hag. The star always had her hair straight and it took her until college to wear her natural curls. 

"As a curly girl, it took me a long time to find what works. In the shower I detangle section by section. I use their No Poo-Original, Heaven in Hair, and mix B’Leave-In with Arc Angel Gel. I twist it up in a towel turban and let it air dry because I like my hair to be really big. Then there’s a lot of shaking and pulling," she shared with Glamour.

Browning is as diligent with her skin as she is with her hair being that she has sensitive, acne-prone skin. Part of her daily routine is waking up in the morning and checking her skin in the mirror to ensure there aren’t any new breakouts. 

"Before I even leave work, I take off my makeup with Bioderma Micellar Water. And I use masks as cleansers when my skin acts up — they calm my business down. Also, I notice a huge difference in my skin when I’m taking zinc, omega-3 and turmeric," dished Browning about her skincare routine. 

She also counts Zoe Kravitz as a beauty crush because well … Have you seen Zoe? Browning mentioned her favorite thing to google is "young Zoe Kravitz" to check our her red carpet looks when she would attend events with her parents. 

"Now you can see that she’s really homed in on who she is as a beauty icon — someone who is strong and sexy and always keeps you on your toes," said Browning about Kravitz. 

As a woman in the industry, Browning mentions also being affected by the Time's Up movement. It’s helped her realize how much she’s hidden from herself — she recalled times in which she’s been uncomfortable or when she’s had inappropriate things said to her, and she mentioned feeling powerless. However, the movement has given her the feeling of having a big sister who has her back, encouraging and empowering one another. 

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