When it comes to our hair, a myriad of myths exist. One such myth is that you shouldn't wash Black hair often. However, your hair is a part of your skin, and it needs an adequate water supply to be healthy. This is why you should get a deep conditioning at least once a week if you have natural hair. Deep conditioning increases moisture in your hair and provides the right environment for hair growth. Washing your hair eliminates the excess product buildup in your hair that occurs over time. Here are other Black hair myths you should ignore.

Greasing the Scalp Grows Your Hair

Many of us have been taught that greasing our scalps will contribute to hair growth, but this is not true. The truth is many hair greases contain mineral oil and petroleum, and since these ingredients are sealants, the molecules in them are not small enough to get deep into your scalp. As a result, hair greases tend to block any real moisture from your hair. 

Blow Drying is Always Unsafe

While it is true that excess heat on Black hair could cause damage, it doesn't mean that you should ditch the blow-dryer altogether. The key is not to put the heat level up too high but instead at medium or low when drying your hair. Also, add moisturizing oils to your conditioned hair to further reduce heat damage from the blow-dryer.

Trimmings Make Your Hair Grow

Another myth about Black hair is that if you get regular trims, then hair growth will occur. Actually, trims help prevent hair breakage. This is because when you have split ends, they travel upward toward your roots, which leads to breakage.  

Black Hair is the Strongest Hair

Just because our beautiful Black hair is versatile and can be styled in different ways, it doesn't mean that our hair is the strongest. The fact is our hair has a fragile structure and can dry out quickly. This is why it's essential to moisturize your hair consistently, not use excess heat, and stay away from hair products with harsh ingredients. 

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